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Have your talent recognised globally

Every week of the year, a new photo contest from our annual calendar of 52 hashtags, is launched on the Agora app.

From photography genre photo contests, such as Landscape, Portrait, Black and White, to universal concepts such as Love, Peace and, more specifically to this year, #StayHome and #StopRacism Agora has a photo contest for you.

(Can’t wait for the photo contest in line with your area of expertise to come around? Worry not! Every week a new edition of #BestOfTheWeek, is launched – a free themed photo contest where you can upload your photos of anything and everything. )

Participate for free. Share you work with millions around the world. Receive recognition both on and off the app with features in global media around the world. And win incredible prizes, both monetary (from $100 – $25,000) and in life-changing experiences.

  1. Participation phase: Download the Agora App and participate for free (both for Android & iOS) by creating an account and uploading your best photos to all the open contests you’re interested in.
  2. Selection process: Next, the Agora Team of Audiovisual Experts undergoes a thorough selection process to determine the Top 50 best photos.
  3. Voting Rounds: 5 Rounds of 10 photos are put up to public vote to decide who humanity wants to advance to the Top 5 and then on to become the Hero.
  4. Worldwide coverage: The winner, voted by Agora’s global community, is featured across all of Agora’s social media channels whilst all 50 Finalist photos and the stories behind them are given the chance to appear in global media outlets!

It’s really that simple!

Agora empowers infinite points of view as your photos can shape the way we see today’s world. Join create, vote and curate the best images made worldwide because your point of view is important.