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Experimental Photography


Experimental Photography Awards 
You’re cordially invited to immerse yourselves in the realm of creativity and innovation at the first Experimental Photography Awards! Send us your images and step into a world where traditional boundaries dissolve, and imagination flights. Our awards seek to find the visionaries who redefine the possibilities of photography from the past to the future. Whether you’re an established artist, an emerging talent, or simply an admirer of the unconventional, this event is your gateway to a universe of boundless inspiration. 
Expect an evening brimming with excitement, as we will showcase an eclectic array of experimental techniques, from double exposures and light painting to historical and alternative processes and digital manipulation. Witness how artists bend light, time, and perception to unveil captivating narratives and provoke thought-provoking emotions. As we come together to honour the extraordinary, let us also reflect on the power of experimentation to challenge conventions, spark dialogue, and inspire change. Join our community and unleash your photography!
                                                                                                                  What is experimental photography?
Experimental photography pushes the boundaries of traditional techniques and explores unconventional methods to create captivating and thought-provoking images. It encompasses a wide range of approaches, from manipulating light and perspective to incorporating mixed media and alternative processes, resulting in unique and innovative visual experiences. There are more than 144 experimental techniques, do you want to share them with our community?                                        
Who we are? 
Experimentalphotofestival is a non-profit cultural association whose objective is to create, promote and disseminate experimental photography in all its forms. For this, we consider the creation of an international community of artists that can support each other, recognize each other from equality and create shared projects. Our way of thinking and organizing the Experimental Photo Festival and Agora, School of Experimentation, is sustained by the belief that it is in experimentation and rehearsal where the full exercise of equality, freedom and creativity is exercised. We want to create spaces for creation, reflection and exchange of knowledge where proximity prevails between artists from all over the world who stimulate and provide feedback on their practices.


Please visit our web:

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  1. The use of Artificial Intelligence is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.                                                                  

  2. The text is critical to becoming a finalist or winner. You must provide a detailed explanation of the process you used to achieve the results of your experimental photography.



Prizes for the 2 Winners (Jury Choice and People Choice): Diploma in Experimental Photography for one academic year with a value of 650 euros. Learn more than 48 techniques, do a specialization in one subject for two months, have mentorships with our team and do a final presentation to receive the only Diploma in Experimental Photography in the world.

Prizes for the Top 5 on the Voting System: Full tickets for Experimental Photo Festival 2024 Online with a value of 120 euros each. Join Experimental Photo Festival 2024 (24-28 July) in Barcelona from your home and enjoy 18 conferences and 5 special workshops to learn everything about experimental photography!

Prizes for the Finalists: All finalists will receive a number of credits corresponding to their position in the Ranking at the end of the voting rounds. The table displaying the credits awarded based on position can be found further down on this Landing Page. Important: for Premium users, the number of credits is always doubled.

Why Participate?

  • Gain international recognition and have your work exhibited in front of a global audience.
  • Connect with other talented photographers and industry leaders.
  • Compete for prestigious awards and prizes that will propel your photography career to new heights.

We are excited to see how you harness the natural beauty of light to create extraordinary photographic works. Join us in celebrating the art of photography where light is not just a part of the image, but the star.

Submit your entries now and be a part of a journey that illuminates the world through photography!


Why Go Premium?

  • Unlimited Entries: With a Premium account, enjoy the freedom to enter any and all Agora awards without limitations. Let your creativity and innovation shine in multiple categories!

  • Verified User Icon: Stand out in the community with a verified user icon next to your username, establishing your credibility and dedication.

  • Double Credits for Finalists: Reach the finalist stage in any award, and you’ll earn double the credits, accelerating your progress and enhancing your ability to compete.

  • Exclusive Prizes for Winners: Win any award, and you’ll receive not just recognition but also fantastic exclusive prizes that are only available to Premium members.

  • Bonus Credits: Upon upgrading, receive a substantial amount of extra credits to use within the platform.

Support Agora and Our Values

By upgrading to a Premium account, you do more than just enhance your own experience. You help us maintain the platform and fund the creation of new and exciting awards. Your support allows us to continue promoting values of creativity, innovation, and global collaboration.

How to Upgrade?

Upgrading is simple. Just visit the profile menu in the Agora app, and you’ll find the option to create a Premium account.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in the Agora community. We look forward to seeing your contributions thrive under the Premium membership!

Unlock your full potential with Agora Premium  Where your ideas meet opportunity.

Understanding the Role of Hearts in Agora

Have you ever wondered about the importance of hearts on your Agora submissions? Let’s dive into what these hearts mean and how they can significantly impact your success in our competitions.

What are Hearts?

In Agora, hearts are a way for the community to show support and appreciation for your creations. When you submit an entry to an Agora award, other users can give your creation a heart if they find it impressive or inspiring.

Why are Hearts Important?

  • Increased Chances of Becoming a Finalist: The more hearts your creation receives, the greater your chances of advancing to the finalist stage. While community support as measured by hearts isn’t the sole criterion for becoming a finalist, it plays a crucial role.

  • Influence on Finalist Ranking: During the first round of voting, the number of hearts your entry has garnered determines your initial ranking among the finalists. Starting off with a high rank can provide a strategic advantage.

  • Deciding Factor in Ties: If there’s a tie in the voting results, the creation with more hearts will secure the higher position. This can be crucial in close competitions.

How to Gain More Hearts?

  • Increase Visibility with POWER: One effective way to gain more hearts is by increasing the visibility of your creation through the use of POWER. The more people see your work, the more likely you are to receive hearts, especially if your creation resonates well with the audience.

  • Earn Rewards: Keep in mind that for every 1000 hearts and every 1000 thank yous your creation receives, you earn credits as a reward. These credits can be used to enhance your participation in future Agora activities.

Maximizing Your Hearts

Engage with the community, promote your work, and participate actively. The Agora platform is all about interaction and appreciation among creative minds. The more you connect with others, the more visibility and hearts your creations are likely to receive.

Remember, every heart counts as a step closer to achieving greater recognition in the Agora community!


Maximize Your Impact by Voting on Agora

Did you know that every time you cast a vote on Agora, you’re not just helping select the best creations but also earning 20 credits for yourself? Let’s explore how participating in the voting process can enhance your experience on Agora.


Using Your Credits

  • Boost Visibility with POWER: You can use your accumulated credits to give Power to the creations you admire. Powering a creation increases its visibility, ensuring that more members of the community can appreciate great work and potentially give it more hearts.

  • Collect Creations: Credits also allow you to collect your favorite creations in your profile. By doing this, you can curate a personal gallery of inspiring works that you can revisit and enjoy anytime. It’s a wonderful way to keep track of your aesthetic preferences and support fellow creators.


People prize

Jury’s Choice Winner

Diploma in Experimental Photography for one academic year with a value of 650 euros. Learn more than 48 techniques, do a specialization in one subject for two months, have mentorships with our team and do a final presentation to receive the only Diploma in Experimental Photography in the world.

1 Full tickets for the Experimental Photo Festival 2024 Online with a value of 120 euros each. Join Experimental Photo Festival 2024 (24-28 July) in Barcelona from your home and enjoy 18 conferences and 5 special workshops to learn everything about experimental photography!


People prize

People’s Choice Winner

Diploma in Experimental Photography for one academic year with a value of 650 euros. Learn more than 48 techniques, do a specialization in one subject for two months, have mentorships with our team and do a final presentation to receive the only Diploma in Experimental Photography in the world.

1 Full ticket for the Experimental Photo Festival 2024 Online with a value of 120 euros each. Join Experimental Photo Festival 2024 (24-28 July) in Barcelona from your home and enjoy 18 conferences and 5 special workshops to learn everything about experimental photography!


Share your talent

Being a finalist in an Agora Award is already an amazing achievement and always has great visibility and recognition worldwide. This is the best prize!

Be discovered

Many people vote and discover new talented work. Congratulations to all finalists!

The finalists will win credits

After the voting rounds, depending on the final ranking position, finalists will earn credits that they can use to:

– To give power to their favorite creations ⚡ 

– To participate with more submissions in future Awards.

The credits the finalists will win for each position are the following:

Prizes for everyone

Every single person can win in Agora Awards. Find out how:

Guess the Jury Winner and win credits

The Guess feature allows you to speculate on who will win the jury vote. You can wager credits and, in return, win more credits:

  • Win 30 credits for a free bet
  • 50 credits if you spend 5 credits
  • 100 credits if you spend 10 credits
  • 500 credits if you spend 50 credits

Win 20 credit when complete your votes each round

Every time you use all your votes in each round of an award, you will receive 20 credit. The more times you vote, the more credits you will earn.


Laura Ligari, director of Experimental Photo Festival 2024

Graduate in languages, arts and cultures, graphic designer and photographer (95% self-taught). Doctor in falling asleep early. She has been using disposable cameras since ’98 and aims to spread empathy and inclusivity. Pizza lover.

Pablo Giori, director of Agora, School of Experimentation

Cultural manager, passionate about both historical and experimental photography, PhD in contemporary history, facilitator of unexpressed desires, civil engineer of bridges and unknown paths.


About Agora

Agora is “The Worldwide Awards.” A tool to give visibility to the best worldwide creations, ideas, and actions. Everyone, everywhere, can participate for free in The Worldwide Awards and win recognition and prizes for their unique talent.

Agora is a system to create a better world with the most inspiring human activity. Because everyone is different, but together we win. Thanks for your collaboration.

Frequently asked questions

What are the Agora Awards?

The Agora Awards are The Worldwide Awards. Awards to give recognition, grants, and prizes to the best-talented people around the planet.

Each award has two winners:

  • Jury’s Prize: A professional jury invited specially to be the jury of a specific award.
  • People’s Prize: People worldwide vote in a fair and secure system, and the most voted creation will win the People’s Prize.
How can I participate?

The Agora Awards are free for everyone to participate through our app or website. You can participate with your creations, ideas, or actions, and win worldwide recognition and opportunities because of your unique talent. Also, you can vote and empower talented people around the globe!

What are the rules of participation
Requirements that the participating creation must meet:

  • Be an original creation of the author submitting it or the person submitting it owns the rights of the work.
  • That fits the theme of the award.
  • That has quality.
  • That does not contain explicit sex or violence.
  • That is respectful of human rights and the dignity of people, animals, and nature.
  • That is suitable for all audiences.
  • That respects cultures and differences.
  • Racism, xenophobia, sexism, speciesism, fascism, homophobia, and any form of intolerance are not welcome at Agora, a place for all those who respect the differences of each person and community.
Can I participate several times in an Award?
Yes, you can participate as many times as you want. However, you will have to use credits to upload more than one creation or wait until the indicated time when the first participation process is over to participate again. We have implemented this method to improve the quality of the participating works, it's an effective way to pre-curate content while providing opportunities for everyone.
How are the finalists chosen
Agora's curators' team chooses the finalist works from among all the participating creations. To make this selection, we take into account several criteria, such as quality, diversity, originality, beauty, the concept behind the creation, the message it conveys, technique, artistic quality, difficulty, social-political-cultural impact, the context and moment of creation, the global interest it has, the cultural value, the author's work, and other specific elements of each Award.
How do I know if I'm a finalist?
If Agora's curator team chooses you among the 25 finalists, you will receive an email from us informing you of this.
What are the prizes?
All awards have two prizes: People’s Prize (whose winner is chosen by Agora users from all over the world) and Jury’s Prize (whose winner is selected by a professional jury specialized in the theme of the award). Each award has a specific prize, which you will find in the information about each award.
How do the People’s Prize voting rounds work?
Once Agora's curator team selects the 25 finalists, they will show them to the public in 5 rounds of 5 finalists each. Each Agora user has 1 vote to choose their favorite creation in each round. In the last round, the 5 most-voted creations of each round (top 5) are submitted to a popular vote. From this final votation, we get the award's winner.
What are the credits for?
The credits are used to participate in the awards with more than one creation without having to wait for the time limitations to be removed. They can be purchased by clicking on the “credits” icon in your profile.

Terms & Conditions

  • The user who uploads the photo must be the author of the photo or have the intellectual property rights of the photo.

  • The author of the photo must have the image rights or consent of all the people who appear on it.
Terms and conditions
  • Agora may use any material that is added to the contest for promotional purposes.
  • Stolen photos, third parties, pornographic content or that violate human rights or the dignity of people are not allowed.
  • Uploading photos that are not allowed may result in the deletion of the user account and, if the law is violated, the complaint to the relevant authorities.
  • Agora reserves the right to remove any image that does not comply with the terms and conditions.
  • Neither AGORA nor the application has any relationship with Apple Inc. or any other company. Apple Inc. and any other company are completely released from any responsibility for the creation and computer development of the Application.


The number of hearts received is important (although not decisive) for a submission to become a finalist in the Worldwide Awards. In the case of becoming a finalist, the number of hearts determines the starting position in the voting system.

Every time you get +1000 hearts, Agora gifts you +5 credits.

Support the best creations with your love ❤️ 



Thanking is wise. You can thank all those people who help you with their hearts in your creations. The number of thanks you’re receiving will accumulate in your profile as a representation of the help you are giving to the Agora community.

Every time you get +1000 ThankYous, Agora gifts you +5 credits.

By the way, thank you very much! 🙏


Empowering a creation you love means increasing its visibility internationally. With this, it will receive more hearts and recognition. Every empowered creation will appear at the top of the Home Feed, in your profile as a “powered by me” and also in the ‘following’ wall of all the people who follow you

Your power is very powerful, use it to help the works that deserve it ⚡

Do you have any doubts?

Contact us at; it will be a pleasure to answer all your questions!