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Jury's Winner

$1.000 prize

Olga Volodina

Jury's Winner

$1.000 prize

Stellina Stampouli
United States
About the author

Photographer based in Austin, Texas (United States).

Interview with the winner
Who are you?

My name is Stellina and I am a portrait and fashion photographer based in Austin, Texas. Originally from Halkidiki, Greece, I lived there until my mid-twenties, which has greatly influenced my artistic perspective. I come from a background of passion for visual arts therefore I am interested in the intersection of fashion, art, and storytelling. As a photographer, I value authenticity, artistic expression and creativity.


How would you define your style?

My style is all about blending fashion, art, and storytelling to capture authentic moments and emotions.I love adding a touch of mystery and intimacy and create images that evoke emotions and tell a story through my photography.

I do what I do because I absolutely love photography! It’s a passion that brings joy and fulfillment to my life. My photography journey has been primarily self-driven and I haven’t had any specific references or formal teachers. Instead, my inspiration comes from my own experiences, observations and my love for photography as a medium of expression.


Tell us about your winning creation.

I took this photo with a Polaroid camera, using natural light in my small studio setup. Honestly, there wasn’t any specific reason or plan behind it. It just happened to be the moment that caught my eye, and I went with my creative instincts. Sometimes, the best shots come when you let things flow naturally!

Honestly, winning the award came as a surprise to me. I feel incredibly grateful that my photo was chosen among so many talented entries. It’s an honor to be recognized for my work, and I’m truly thankful for the opportunity to share my passion for photography with others.


Why do you like Agora Awards? 

I really like Agora Awards because it’s a fantastic platform that celebrates artists and photographers from all over the world. The best thing about it is the sense of community it creates among creative individuals.

Seeing diverse talents come together and share their passion for visual storytelling is super inspiring. Being part of Agora Awards has been an amazing experience, allowing me to connect with fellow artists and showcase my work on a global scale.

People's Winner

$1.000 prize


People's Winner

$1.000 prize

Emily Brownett
About the author
Photographer based in Accra, Ghana.
Interview with the winner
Who are you?

I am a young Ghanaian female photographer based in Accra, Ghana. My sincere passion for all things artistic led me to pursue Visual Arts in school, and I embarked on a self-taught journey in photography. Firstly using mobile phones and now familiarizing myself with DSLR cameras, I express my art by capturing beautiful and inspired moments.


How would you define your style?

I am a visual creator with a strong foundation in empathy and expressive storytelling. My style conveys emotions and interactions between the viewer and my artistic works, making my art truly captivating..


Tell us about your winning creation.

The inspiration behind this artwork was to portray a loving relationship between two passionate lovers. This heartfelt art piece expresses emotional and physical communication through the thoughtful composition of colors, elements, and gestures, showcasing the beautiful skin of the subject.


Why do you like Agora Awards? 

Agora is a great platform that allows artists from around the globe, like myself, to showcase their skills and create a positive impact on society. I love the fact that I get to see unique artworks and connect with artists from different countries, which fuels my creative inspiration and expands my artistic horizons.


Welcome to the #ArtPhotography2023 photography award, which celebrates the best in artistic and authorial photography, and consists of two prizes of $1000 each: the Jury’s Prize and the People’s Prize. This award recognizes the images able to capture the hearts and imaginations of the public, creating a piece of art that resonates with viewers on a personal level.

    Accepted formats: .jpg

    Past award finalists


    Prizes for the finalists

    Share your talent

    Being a finalist in an Agora Award is already an amazing achievement and always has great visibility and recognition worldwide. This is the best prize!

    Be discovered

    Many people vote and discover new talented work. Congratulations to all finalists!

    The finalists will win credits

    After the voting rounds, depending on the final ranking position, finalists will earn credits that they can use to:

    – To give power to their favorite creations ⚡ 

    – To participate with more submissions in future Awards.

    Prizes for the winner

    People prize

    People’s Prize

    The winner artwork will get $1.000

    Jury prize

    Jury’s Prize

    The winner artwork will get $1.000

    Prizes for everyone

    Every single person can win in Agora Awards. Find out how:

    Guess the Jury Winner and win credits

    The Guess feature allows you to speculate on who will win the jury vote. You can wager credits and, in return, win more credits:

    • Win 30 credits for a free bet
    • 50 credits if you spend 5 credits
    • 100 credits if you spend 10 credits
    • 500 credits if you spend 50 credits

    Win the Guess and become a Jury member

    We will choose a winner from all our Guess participants to serve as a jury member for an Agora Award.

    Win 1 credit when complete your votes

    Every time you use all your votes in each round of an award, you will receive 1 credit. The more times you vote, the more credits you will earn.

    Win the Guess and be interviewed

    At every award we will interview and showcase one Guess winner on our social media channels.

    Professional Jury

    Benjamin Sumner Franke

    Benjamin Sumner Franke

    International Award Winning Artist and Photographer. He received an extensive education in the arts from Art Center College of Design.

    Paula Aranoa

    Paula Aranoa

    Argentine photographer specialized in artistic black and white photography. Poetry and human emotions permeate all her work.

    Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

    Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

    Photographer based in Bilbao, Spain. His photography has not gone unnoticed and has garnered numerous national and international photography awards.

    Anastasia Mihaylova

    Anastasia Mihaylova

    Award-winning and widely published photographer from Russia. She believes that only through nude photography is it possible to reveal who we truly are.

    Fernando Florit

    Fernando Florit

    Photographer, Talent Hunter & Curator at Agora Awards

    Ester Turri

    Ester Turri

    Photographer and content creator from the Italian Dolomites. Her work mainly focuses on the outdoors, travel and lifestyle

    Agora awards: How it works

    The Agora Awards are free for everyone to participate in through our app or website.
    This is all you can do in Agora:


    Upload your best creations, ideas or actions and share your unique point of view. Everyone can participate! 


    Video, Music, Photography, Digital Art and everything you can imagine. All creations have a place in the agora awards.

    Screenshot of agora app


    Vote for the best creations and empower people around the globe. Help others sharing their talent.

    Always win

    Worlwide recognition, new opportunities and amazing prizes because of your unique talent.

    About Agora

    Agora is “The Worldwide Awards.” A tool to give visibility to the best worldwide creations, ideas, and actions. Everyone, everywhere, can participate for free in The Worldwide Awards and win recognition and prizes for their unique talent.

    Agora is a system to create a better world with the most inspiring human activity. Because everyone is different, but together we win. Thanks for your collaboration.

    Frequently asked questions

    What are the Agora Awards?

    The Agora Awards are The Worldwide Awards. Awards to give recognition, grants, and prizes to the best-talented people around the planet.

    Each award has two winners:

    • Jury’s Prize: A professional jury invited specially to be the jury of a specific award.
    • People’s Prize: People worldwide vote in a fair and secure system, and the most voted creation will win the People’s Prize.
    How can I participate?

    The Agora Awards are free for everyone to participate through our app or website. You can participate with your creations, ideas, or actions, and win worldwide recognition and opportunities because of your unique talent. Also, you can vote and empower talented people around the globe!

    What are the rules of participation
    Requirements that the participating creation must meet:

    • Be an original creation of the author submitting it or the person submitting it owns the rights of the work.
    • That fits the theme of the award.
    • That has quality.
    • That does not contain explicit sex or violence.
    • That is respectful of human rights and the dignity of people, animals, and nature.
    • That is suitable for all audiences.
    • That respects cultures and differences.
    • Racism, xenophobia, sexism, speciesism, fascism, homophobia, and any form of intolerance are not welcome at Agora, a place for all those who respect the differences of each person and community.
    Can I participate several times in an Award?
    Yes, you can participate as many times as you want. However, you will have to use credits to upload more than one creation or wait until the indicated time when the first participation process is over to participate again. We have implemented this method to improve the quality of the participating works, it's an effective way to pre-curate content while providing opportunities for everyone.
    How are the finalists chosen
    Agora's curators' team chooses the finalist works from among all the participating creations. To make this selection, we take into account several criteria, such as quality, diversity, originality, beauty, the concept behind the creation, the message it conveys, technique, artistic quality, difficulty, social-political-cultural impact, the context and moment of creation, the global interest it has, the cultural value, the author's work, and other specific elements of each Award.
    How do I know if I'm a finalist?
    If Agora's curator team chooses you among the 25 finalists, you will receive an email from us informing you of this.
    What are the prizes?
    All awards have two prizes: People’s Prize (whose winner is chosen by Agora users from all over the world) and Jury’s Prize (whose winner is selected by a professional jury specialized in the theme of the award). Each award has a specific prize, which you will find in the information about each award.
    How do the People’s Prize voting rounds work?
    Once Agora's curator team selects the 25 finalists, they will show them to the public in 5 rounds of 5 finalists each. Each Agora user has 1 vote to choose their favorite creation in each round. In the last round, the 5 most-voted creations of each round (top 5) are submitted to a popular vote. From this final votation, we get the award's winner.
    What are the credits for?
    The credits are used to participate in the awards with more than one creation without having to wait for the time limitations to be removed. They can be purchased by clicking on the “credits” icon in your profile.

    Terms & Conditions

    • The user who uploads the photo must be the author of the photo or have the intellectual property rights of the photo.

    • The author of the photo must have the image rights or consent of all the people who appear on it.
    Terms and conditions
    • Agora may use any material that is added to the contest for promotional purposes.
    • Stolen photos, third parties, pornographic content or that violate human rights or the dignity of people are not allowed.
    • Uploading photos that are not allowed may result in the deletion of the user account and, if the law is violated, the complaint to the relevant authorities.
    • Agora reserves the right to remove any image that does not comply with the terms and conditions.
    • Neither AGORA nor the application has any relationship with Apple Inc. or any other company. Apple Inc. and any other company are completely released from any responsibility for the creation and computer development of the Application.


    Giving hearts is the best way to help the creations participating in an Award to become finalists. In fact, a percentage of the selection of finalist works has to do with the number of hearts that each work receives.

    Support the best creations with your love ❤️ 



    Thanking is wise. You can thank all those people who help you with their hearts in your creations. The number of thank you’s given will accumulate in your profile as a representation of the help you are giving to the Agora community. By the way, thank you very much! 🙏

    Do you have any doubts?

    Contact us at; it will be a pleasure to answer all your questions!