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Paula Aranoa

My name is Paula Aranoa and I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1966. I spent my childhood in São Paulo, Brazil. And then, as an adult, I also lived in Barcelona, ​​Spain, and Mexico City with my family. I studied philosophy and design in various branches. Until photography came: it is my passion and way of life.

top50 #agoraawards2019

  At the beginning my work was more documentary: objectivity, beauty and good composition prevailed. Over time it was transformed. Ideas and concepts took on more and more relevance, and objectivity took a back seat. I had something to convey that went beyond the record of what I saw. In that process Photoshop became a great ally. I could accentuate, modify, change an aspect of reality based on a concept, an idea, or an emotion. A whole new world opened up for me.

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Today, in addition to my camera, I carry a small notebook with me everywhere. In it I write down all those things that somehow move me: it could be something that I heard, that I read, ideas or emotions. This helps me exercise amazement and sensitivity. I do it because I believe that photography is an art, and as such, it is made to be shared. But for that image to resonate with others, it must have resonated with me first. That is why “developing a sense of amazement” is an essential part of my job.

I choose black and white, because they represent the abstraction of all colors and their absence. They do not distract from the core idea and have a melancholic air that I like.

I was top 50 in the Agora Awards 31 times and every time a new contest comes out I experience it as a challenge. I like that. The contests were these:


TOP 50 # memories2018, TOP 50 # roommates2018, TOP 50 # fashion2018, TOP 50 urban2018


TOP 50 # agoraawards2019, TOP 50 # light2019, TOP 50 # women2019


TOP 50 # urban2020, TOP 50 # friends2020, TOP 50 # blackandwhite2020, TOP 50 # portraits2020, TOP 50 # women2020, TOP 50 # spring2020, TOP 50 # stayathome2020, TOP 50 # family2020, TOP 50 # eyes2020, TOP 50 #theworldwewant, TOP 50 # yellow2020, TOP 50 #onehumanity, TOP 50 # kiss2020, TOP 50 # emotions2020, TOP 50 # bestphotoof2020, TOP 50 # refletions2020, TOP 50 # silhouettes2020, TOP 50 # fashion2020, TOP 50 # Streetphotography2020, TOP 50 # rural2020, TOP 50 # transport2020,


TOP 50 # blackandwhite2021, TOP 50 # bestphotooftheweek34, TOP 50 # bestphotooftheweek41

-I also had the honor of having been summoned to be a judge in the Agora Awards # blackandwhite2019 contest. It was a recognition and a joy to participate.

top50 #blackandwhite2020

top50 #blackandwhite2021

top50 #family2020

top50 #light2020

– In 2019 when I was announced that my work “The woman who waits” was a finalist in the # agoraawards2019 and that it was going to be exhibited in Barcelona, ​​the emotion overflowed me. Barcelona was my home for almost 5 years and my photo would be there. It was a great joy to be able to participate in the ceremony and see my work exhibited.

– Last year when I found out that I was a finalist in # bestphotoof2020 it was also very exciting. The chosen photo had been taken during a period of total confinement due to the pandemic in Argentina, where I reside. I felt absolutely identified with the image as a person and as a family.

– During 2020 my work “Confidents” was selected to participate in the Buenos Aires Art Experience and my work “Sword made flower” was exhibited in Agora Gallery NY digitally as an emerging artist’s work.

– The Agora platform has given me the opportunity to develop myself as a photographer and to make myself known. I’m very grateful. It really is a community where our points of view counts.

– The camera I use at the moment is a SONY A7rIII, mirrorless. My favorite lenses are the Sony 50mm 1.8 especially for portraits, the Sony FE4 / 24-105mm G OSS and the Sony FE4 / 70-200mm F4 G OSS

– I am also collaborating with Sony at  giving a seminar on “Black and White Art Photography”.

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– If I had to give some advice, it would be the one that we always strive to learn everything we can about photographic techniques, but that we never stop developing a sense of amazement. Only in this way, the tools and techniques will be at the service of the soul and not the other way around.

– My message to the world is through my photos. Perhaps these words are close: “Exercising the gaze, delving into the apparent and meeting with amazement, give meaning to my life.” Hopefully my photos can really convey it.


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