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Md. Arifuzzaman @arifzaman

1. Tell people about you (your name, where are you from, your age, your work, your context, your vision of life, your interests, your wishes… etc.)

Ans:   I am Md.Arifuzzaman. I was born in Jessore, Bangladesh. I am 42 years old. I work as an Assistant General Manager in a riverine tourism company which is well known as Contic. I have a great passion for Photography and I wish to carry my deepest passion for Photography till the end of my life.

2.            Tell people when and why you started with photography/film making

Ans:  I started doing photography in 2014.  In 2014 I went to Florida and I got a gift for a small camera from my sister in law and my photography journey started. I felt I needed to go more deep inside of it. Later, I finished some photography courses in first light from GMB Akash who is not only renowned in Bangladesh but also an acclaimed photographer in the world. I realized Photography is a long journey for him.  I felt I have a keen interest in the festival, street photography, lifestyle, traveling, and architecture as well. Being a photographer, I learned to feel all the tiniest pleasures of life and absorb all the abandoned beauty of it. When I capture, I try to capture the picturing time and I am completely lost in it! I forget all the agony during the photoshoot. 

3.            Tell people about your learning process, what is your favorite technic, which equipment do you use (camera, lenses, light, software) etc.

Ans:Now a days I use Sony A7III. I have only three lenses in my bag. These are 24-70 mm  f2.8, 85mm f1.8, 70-200mm f.4. I use light room software.

4.            For which #Hashtag/#Hashtags have you been in the Top50, top5 or Hero? How did you feel when you realized that you were nominated?

Ans:#photooftheweek# I was in top 5. I was honored to know that while I was nominated.

5.            Why do you like agora or what do you like the most about agora (support talent worldwide, awards, inspiration, promote your work… etc.)

Ans:  I like agora cuase they support the talent worldwide. Every award of agora is a inspiration for any photographer. Besides that agora also promote or feature talented photographer’s work which I like foremost.

·         My winning photo is The song of the river

·         I captured this photo in Gaibandha. This place is situated in the northern part of Bangladesh where mighty Bramaputra river is flowing.

·         I was coming back from the nomads island to cover their livelihood. On the return way, I saw a breathtaking light fells from the sky on the boat on the river. The riverine of Bangladesh and the struggling livelihood of the people always tempt to capture. I was so lucky to capture this moment.

·         The message behind the photo is the beauty of riverine of Bangladesh and to show the struggling life of people of Bangladesh.

·         I like this photograph due to its magical light on the boatmen. It is absolutely genuine natural vibes of the nature where riverine beauty of Bangladesh is exposed. I think across the world people would love this photograph.

6.       Did you win any other Awards? Do you work full-time as a photographer/filmmaker?


 Yes, I got some awards. One of them is Treasure awards, fall and spring awards in world renowned photography website view bug and got lot of acceptance of PSA (Photography society of America).  My photographs are published in international Magazine, National Geographic magazine and Amnesty International. No, I am not full time photographer. Besides my office work I do photography.

7.            What makes your style different/ special? Tell people about your message, method, etc.

Ans: I love to do mostly lifestyle, landscape and festival genre photography.

8.            Tips, advice for the community.

Ans: There is no shortcut in Photography. If you have a deep down passion for it one day you would reach your destination.

9.            Message for a better world from you

Ans: We live in the era of globalization. The whole world is ours. We have to reach our hands to others. If we have hope and love for each other then we change our world positively.

10.          WEB, INSTAGRAM, Agora profile, and other contact information if you want.

Ans: My website is as follows:


Agora profile: @arifzaman ( Md Arifuzzaman)

 Besides that my photo stories are featured in international Magazines. The link is as follows:

·  Attach some photos of YOURSELF and some photos of YOUR WORK. 

Please find the attachments of my personal picture and some work of mine.

 Hope you got all the answers to your query for the blog post. If you have any further query please do not hesitate to contact me.

Much regards.


Dhaka, Bangladesh.