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Daria Zhuravleva @daribird

I am Daria Zhuravleva, I was born in a small town in the Far East of Russia. Now I am 25 years old and I am living in China. I graduated from an Art school and now I’m working as (an) Art teacher with kids. I devote all my time to photography or traveling. 

I started doing photography as a hobby four years ago. I remember that it was a strong power that moved me to the camera shop despite the fact that I didn’t have enough money. I bought my first Canon and started shooting all around. I watched online lessons about photography and practiced with my friends. I am glad they always supported me.  I always wanted to create something unusual and I could see it in my mind, but it wasn’t easy to get the same picture. I spent almost one year just trying to take normal photos. I always wanted to be surrounded by other photographers and artists, but unfortunately, it was my first year in China and I didn’t speak Chinese at all. Now I can understand how it works if you really want something and you don’t stop trying you will get the result. Since I bought my first camera I was afraid to show my works to someone, only my close friends saw them. For almost three years I had been filling myself.

 Last summer I saved enough money and changed my old Canon for a new Sony aiii with a portrait lens. As usual, I asked my close friends to be models because I needed to practice.  The time came and I pushed myself and decided to send those photos to magazines. They accepted my submission. I can’t describe just with words, what I felt that time. That day was my own New Year, when you cross the line and move yourself to another side. I was just a girl with a camera and now the photo I took would be posted in the magazine. At the same time, I found Agora. I was full of inspiration and power. My friends still were my best models and support team. I remember how I started my own page on Agora, I don’t have a lot of subscribers, but I don’t feel uncomfortable about it, because for me it is like a big family with the same interests. No one will criticize you or your works. It was almost the end of 2020 and practice for #Fashion2020 was still open, I braced myself and uploaded the photo. Cherished letter came after few weeks. My photo was on the Top50. My work was chosen, I didn’t believe it. That letter from Agora team opened new horizons for me, there are people who are interested in a creative view of the world. When you start creating something with all your soul, you can’t stop doing it then. New ideas will come, some of them will be great some of them just usual, and it is very important to have the project as Agora where you can show your vision and where you can get feedback. I took that photo on the tea plantation last summer, I didn’t plan exactly that idea, but when we started to shoot some special atmosphere surrounded us. Even Chinese summer didn’t stop us. It was 37 degrees outside that time. 

Behind the photo, there is a story about freedom. That is interesting because someone always tries to move the borders and someone just follows or pretends. There is the power of art, everyone can relate to that piece of art despite the religion, education, or life experience.  For example, it is doesn’t matter if you can speak Chinese or French, but you can take a look at the painting and get your own opinion, your own feeling and enjoy the process.  

Now I am still practicing with different styles of photography. I always try to create something, even sometimes it is too much, but there is only one way, you will never know if you don’t try. Now I am working as a part-time photographer and I’m looking forward to becoming a full-time one. Honestly, I didn’t realize how powerful the project you are passion can be. You spend a lot of time and energy on it, but then you get this energy back and it’s doubled. I wish everyone inspiration to create, to change our world for the best. 

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