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Riccardo Giavoni

Hello, I’m Riccardo Giavoni and I was born in Verone (Italy)

I still remember that September day, when I took a backpack and went on a solo trip to get away from everyone. When love, work and health turned against me I only had two choices, give up or turn the page and rebuild myself. 

In those days I reconnect with my passion for photography, i thought I gave it up!

Every time I’m out scouting for the perfect picture my mind enter a state of peace and tranquility.

Back from the trip the idea of my photographic project was born.

Visioni DIstorte Photography is now my reality and my passion, made up of street photography, sunny and rainy days, stolen moment and shots, backpacks on my shoulders to explore new places sharing only black and white photography, waiting to evoke emotions without unnecessary distraction, leaving the viewer with their free interpretation.

My photographic and editing style is very influenced by the noir period: Orson Welles is my favorite actor and director for the cinema of the 40-60s while Edward Hopper’s paintings have always left me breathless.

The camera I have been using for about a year is the Ricoh GRII, a slightly old but fantastic camera, small and compact that gives excellent performance in every situation and that allows me to express my noir style in the best way. The softwares I mainly use are Lightroom, Snapseed and Darkroom, I modify the photograph many times and use various presets to find the right combination of lights and shadows.

I just want to thanks again Agora for giving  space to us as artist and show our works, our style and way of seeing the world.

The photo selected among the #top 50 was taken in Trieste during this very difficult historical period, where even simple things, which are often taken for granted, become unique and very important … After long months closed at home I portrayed these two lovers sitting by the sea finally together watching the sunset.

Always follow your passion and if you like black and white photography with a noir spirit, accompany me on this journey and follow me on:

IG: @visioni_distorte_photography

FB: Visioni Distorte Photography