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Alfred Kwaw Mensa Edzie

I am Alfred Kwaw Mensa Edzie. I was born in Elmina, Ghana and I am 27 years old. I am a freelancer filmmaker and a photographer documenting culture and people. My work is basically to capture and film real events to provide a factual report. So, I do documentary photography and videography. I fancy watching documentary films, and I also have an interest in gaming, sports, volunteering and community involvement. I wish to create or work with a global brand and other filmmakers to produce an award-winning documentary film. I also wish to inspire mentor and inspire young creatives in the creative industry in Africa.

I felt the desire to learn how to use the camera in 2013. This was when I got admission into the university of Cape Coast to study Media and Film Studies. This was because I wanted to direct a music video for a friend who was an upcoming musician in my community.

My learning process began in the university where I had professional lecturers in the film industry who taught me all what filmmaking and photography is about. Although we didn’t have enough camera equipment for fieldwork projects and assignment we went out and rented some equipment. The practical aspects were difficult because the department couldn’t afford the expensive equipment so the teachings were more theoretical. I did my internships in some media houses and television station to acquire more practical skills. My favorite technique is the camera movements, tilting, panning, etc. I use Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras. I edit my works using photoshop, aftereffects and premiere pro.

I have been in the #BestOfTheWeek35Top50 and I was very happy when I received the notification on my phone. I started receiving congratulatory messages on my first ever nomination from some of the new followers on my Instagram handle. The nomination gave me so much confidence, so I started taking more pictures and posting it on my page.

I really like everything about Agora. The community is very huge and you get appreciated by a lot of people from different part of the world and learn new skills from other creatives.

My winning picture depicts the joy and happiness on the faces of the school children. I took this photo in Elmina. I was assisting a friend direct a music video in one of our last scenes in the community. I was also taking ‘Behind the Scene’ (BTS) when the children came around happy and playing as they watched the artist perform. So, I decided to take a group picture of the model with the children for my personal experience.

The message behind the photo is that ‘ it is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness’. The children are clearly not from a rich home or a wealthy family but I saw this kind of positive vibes all over their faces and they were happy seeing us with the cameras, drone, reflectors and other equipment.

I think people voted for my photo because of the message it carries across the world and it’s connects with the theme. It’s also because of the black and white technique and the subjects.

The winning photo.

I have won several awards when I was in the university. Some for being best student editor in film, most promising students in film, and best graduating student.

I work as a freelancer filmmaker and a photographer. My special or unique style is that I am all round creative minded and that helps me to see things from a different perspective. I try to take simple photos and make the subject look natural without applying a lot of effects or retouching. Monochrome or black and white is my special technique I am using.

My tip and advice for the community is that we should have fun and learn new things on this amazing platform because it offers a great place to connect with others photographers across the world. 

My message for a better world is to see children have the same opportunities in life and in education and that there would be no discrimination in the world.


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