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Faith Odhiambo from Nairobi, Kenya

Hey I am Faith Odhiambo born in Nairobi, Kenya a photographer and model at Spartan photography. My photography journey started in 2015, i and my partner had a dream to become the best photography couples duo in the world. By then just using a phone camera and doing crazy editing in the many places we visited. Having the passion for pictures at heart it became the start of documenting people’s stories.I am self-taught relying so much on-field and going out and perfecting my skills each passing day. I now use a Nikon D7200 for my works. I was hero of #EDUCATION2020, i was filled with joy considering the hard conditions in which the picture was taken. Agora has given us creative photographers a platform because most competitions are based on numbers, not creativity. The winning picture was a depiction of the power of a woman who multitasks but is still able to help her daughter with her homework, it was taken in dandora, Nairobi, Kenya and no matter how busy we are nurturing knowledge-wise is very important part of child growth by parents /guardians. I think people voted for the easiness to tell its theme because it showed the importance of education as a group we have won 5 other awards, I am a full-time photo, our style is different because it depicts the actual picture of real life. Our communities should embrace conceptual photography because its special and involves their life.

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Phone number +254769475650

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