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Carlos Paillet Zurdo

My name is Carlos Paillet Zurdo. I was born in Medina del Campo (Valladolid), 51 years ago. I currently live in Tabanera de Cerrato, a little village in Palencia, Castilla y León (Spain), where I enjoy every minute and an amazing quality of life close to my wife and three children, who are the most important part of my life. 

My family gives me joy and love and through photography I am able to capture my surroundings, finding ways of channeling and expressing my emotions through images. 

I started with photography when I finally moved to the rural environment, although I always loved this way of art. I am an amateur, and I have been fortunate to be able to be part of several photography courses and to read some great books that gave me a good insight into the portrait, my favorite genre in photography art, with which I fully identify. 

I keep using my Nikon D5200 camera, and 18-55mm, my “must-have” 50mm and a 70-300mm. I think a great picture is 10% about the equipment and the rest is about the ability to see and capture the inherent beauty of the world around us. I am self-taught and I learn something new everyday. That keeps me excited and motivated, looking for all special moments and details around me, always waiting for the challenge of a new photograph to take.

I have been nominated for the TOP 50 One Humanity 2020, something unthinkable for me. It has been as surprising as it is exciting to think that everything that I want to express with my photography is understood and appreciated by so many people. These are my father’s hands. After losing my mom, this was one of his most frequent poses. In his sadness and melancholy, his love and his hope, his restlessness calls for peace, we cling to life when the end approaches. –

My style of photography is not something that I have looked for. It comes to me naturally, as a way of transmitting through the lens, what I see and feel. I could not name this process, but  I am aware that photography gives me daily learning opportunities to capture the world and to better express what I want others to see when contemplating my photos. 

I enjoy and learn with every shot, with every click of my camera. Thanks to Ágora, I enjoy participating in every contest, also voting and being able to give and receive stars from other members. I also enjoy contemplating other photographs and seeing the world through the eyes of others, which makes you learn and explore new ways of looking and seeing through your own camera.

Many thanks to Ágora Review, for giving me the opportunity to participate in this exciting world through the app in which we can all interact with our photos and videos, enriching us with new knowledge and wonderful images from around the world.

We must enjoy everything we have as if it were the last day and put the best of ourselves in everything we do.