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Sergey Savenko FONDphoto

1. Hey! My name is Sergey Savenko, better known as FONDphoto. I am an art photographer, lightpainter and digital artist from Russia. For five years now I have been researching night photography with light painting. I also love experiments, complex light, detailed post-processing, augmented reality created in 3D editors - everything that can surprise the viewer.

I started my career in visual art with graphic design in 2009. I made posters for a nightclub where I worked as a DJ. In 2014 he began to engage in photo retouching. In 2016, I was drawn to night photography and long exposure light painting. It was love at first sight and to this day I am developing this direction in the art of photography.

2. In my works I combine night photography and light painting. I think that my nocturnal lifestyle and love of visual art got me into this direction. 

 Although the main subject of study is light, in my pictures the main role is assigned to the person. It is the combination of person and volumetric light painting that gives an incompletely predictable result and a feeling of the scale of happening. 

 Besides, using long exposure in night photography is a good way to capture things that are invisible to the human’s eye and to transfigure even the most regular places. 

 At the beginning of my practice I was inspired by photographers Eric Pare and Denis Smith and their works. Since then I have been studying different techniques, forms and materials used for light graphic and expanding the boundaries of this limited trend in photo art.

3. I started taking pictures with a small amateur Sony a5100 camera. I chose it on the advice of a friend. Later I fell in love with the Sony technique, as it gave me more opportunities than other brands, and I realized that I had made the right choice. Now I take pictures with a Sony A7III camera with a kit lens and when traveling I use a6300. 

4. I won #BestOfTneWeek36, got into the Top50 #BestPhotoOf2020 and got into the Top50 other Agora contests several times. It was very enjoyable and may mean that I do what I'm good at. Competition victories and increased attention to my work is the fuel for new incredible photos for me.

5.#BestPhotoOf2020 photo was taken on the pink lake Koyashskoe in Crimea, Russia. At the end of summer, plankton is activated in the lake, which colors it in a bright pink color. My wife and I went on a short day trip to this lake and took a dress and a camera with us. I made the dress myself and it harmonized very well with the surroundings. I wanted to make a series of minimalistic shots where my wife is standing on the water like on a huge mirror. My wife is like a pearl on the water surface. That's what I called this photo - my wife, my pearl.

#BestOfTneWeek36 photo taken at the end of 2020. In December, I invented a completely new and interesting light tool. I usually don't take pictures outdoors in winter, but I really wanted to take some shots with a new fantastic instrument in a forest near my city. It was very cold, but we took a few shots before freezing and these shots are now the best in my portfolio. One of them became the best photo of the week 36 at the Agora.

6.The most significant victory in my career is the 1st Place national award Sony World Photography Awards 2020. Other victories and the honorable mentions are also important to me and also give me the strength to create further.

7. Rich experience in design and retouching made my photos stand out from other photographers. I studied the theory of composition and color a lot, which also greatly influenced my photographs.

8. If you take all the tips into components, then the two most basic components are 1. Do. 2. Grow up.
1. Do a lot. Exercise. Quality comes from quantity. Do not be lazy. 2. Look at others, repeat, change, explore, bring something new. Study the art, history, technical features of your field. The more you learn, the more intense your work will be.

9. Everything is in your power, you are the creators of your future. What you have now is the result of what you have done in the past.


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