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Jacob bentain


I am Jacob bentain from Philippines. I am 30 years old and I am very passionate about photography. I started doing photography because I love Landscape and Human Interest.

I started doing photography around 2 years back and then I needed to update my skills so I keep on Watching Youtube tutorials read some books also with my Mentor & Friends from PAREF PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB and FUJICLUB CEBU.

What I love most is Human Interest & Landscape photography.I used Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CC. My Gears I have Fujifilm XT3 with 50-140mm, 10-24mm  90mm f2 + NiSi V6Pro Filters and Benro Rhino Series for my tripod.
I always scout the place 1 hr before setting up my tripod and plan my composition.

#Bestoftheweek32 and #Bestoftheweek41  was the Hashtag that made me a part of top 50 and im so happy seeing my output recognize worldwide.

My Image on New Years Eve Fireworks and Beautiful Sunrise with Storm Coming.  here is the photograph that got selected.

  • Tell people about your winning photo. :Scenery beauty in a fast glance you could witness how beautiful our world is.
  • Where did you take this photo/ film? : Took both photo in the Hundred Island Philippines
  • Why : its a Chance that it wont come back, just grab the opportunity to snap a beautiful Image.
  • What is the message behind the photo/ film? : Message ? hmmm Just value the beauty of our world.
  • Why do you like and why do you think people voted for your photo/film? : I think is a beauty and rare chances to photo it.

Did you win any other Awards? Do you work full-time as a photographer/filmmaker? Yes Won 5x Photo Contest in the Philippines, Im a Amateur Photographer, I do have a advocacy “free baby Photoshoot” to those who can’t afford a Prof Photographer man! seeing how happy the parents with the picture of their babies are so fulfilling.

What makes your style different/ special? Tell people about your message, method, etc.  : hmmm mybe the passion i shoot not to impress, patience and dedication to ur passion.
 Tips, advice for the community : Accept criticism and fuel it to strive harder. be humble and say Salamat Pitik Master
Message for a better world from you : Just drive your passion, dont quit if no one likes your pictures. beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
If you wish to connect me directly you can find me on the below platforms:

Agora: @bentainepot (follow me)


Pls do support my Charity Prints Price list on my FB page. 
Thank you so much for sparing time reading my blog. Shawt out to my Lodi JCDY & PNTR, FUJIFILM CLUB own by Tita Saang to my Mentors Sir Rex, Nestor , Vladz , Chud, John Yuson, and to our Princess Lancey with her husband lester. Mr. Minglanilla Oliver Heartrub ng Springwoods  and to Sangi Boys especially to Mr. Eric and Beef Pares Pwede rmo mo ari philippines mo kaon Bes Pares. Also Cleans it all purpose detergent. lastly ARBESS BAKESHOP ang pan na di ma pan os. ayyttt