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Demet Özer Yakut

I am Demet Özer Yakut (Özer is my maiden surname), I was born Balıkesir city of Turkey. ıI am 57 years old, mom to one girl and one boy, I am a twins mother. When the children were young, the death of my husband put a great responsibility on me, and my son’s special situation required me to take close care of him, so I did not have a permanent work life. The negativities and misfortunes in my life, my development of a different perspective on events and people, and my interest in psychology and philosophy prompted me to study personal development and awareness. The curious, sensitive observational investigative state of mind made me want to reflect on my knowledge in some way. On this occasion, I stepped into amateur photography. I attended courses as a member of the photography art association of the city where I live.

For a few years I tried to learn the tricks of Photography, I read, researched, and observed. I examined the visuals of photography connoisseurs in the world and in my country. By taking narrow-angle and wide-angle photographs according to the subject, I examined the photographs I took and tried to see my flaws. After all this preparation, I shared it as a member of various sites to evaluate where I am in Amateur Photography. I participated in the mixed exhibitions of the association I am a member of.

After some time, I discovered the Agora And it was a turning point for me. I participated in the social project, initiated by the United Nations and supported by Agora, with a photo of me and writing that expresses my thoughts, in order to make my voice heard to future generations on the subject of “What a world I want”.

At an unexpected moment, when I received an e-mail from Agora and heard that my photo was selected for finals and that it was going to be exhibited on the anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations, I was happy and proud like a child. Agora is a special humanist practice that values human beings and human labor, so I am very happy to be a part of. In my photos, I prefer natural light. In a home environment, I use a dask if the light low. My camera Nikon 7100 I use mostly 18-105 mm as a lens. Sometimes I use 50mm prime lens for profile photos and bokeh effect. My suggestion to beginners is to take photos, like driving a car, the more you take photos, the more experience you will gain. As a person who has open perceptions, and observes the world and the environment in which I live, all the chaos and destruction that are going on around affect me deeply, while there is a way to see the beauties of the world, to approach with goodness and love, to live in a peaceful and simple world, regardless of religion, language, race, to future generations. I want to leave a good world. I take my photos with a perspective that makes people happy and where beauty is in the main concept. As the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s words, “Peace at home, peace in the world” One day, I hope this will be the world’s slogan…Demet Özer Yakut.