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Alexander Nikolaychenko

Hi, I’m Alexander Nikolaychenko. I am from Stavropol, Russia, I am 30 years old and I am a teacher at a university. I love to travel, but the time for this pleasure becomes less and less over the years. I would like to visit at least 10 different countries in my life.

I started doing photography spontaneously, 3 years ago, when I first came to the Caucasus Mountains. They left an indelible impression, and I decided that I must somehow capture this beauty. I can’t say that I do photography professionally, it’s more of a hobby.
I started my hobby with the Gopro Hero 6 Black camera and the Gopro Karma drone, at the moment I shoot with the Gopro Hero 7 Black camera and the DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone.
I was nominated in the TOP50 under the hashtag #PhotoOfTheWeek41. It was very unexpected, as I did not put much meaning into this photo, I just wanted to show the forest in winter from above. And apparently, people liked it.

I like the Agora because it allows you to find interesting people, their work, around the world, and also gives you a unique opportunity to share your work with other authors.
This is my first nomination in this community. I hope it’s not the last one.
I do not adhere to any framework or restrictions, style. I just take pictures of what I like.
Thank you to the Agora for all the opportunities that it gives.
If you are interested in my other works, you can find them on

Instagram: @a_nikolaychenko

One camera is good, but two are better!