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Gabriela Juri

from Argentina

First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity to be here, on this wonderful platform that allows us to show our art with a great global reach.

And above all this opportunity to present myself here on the Agora blog

My name is Gabriela Juri, I was born in Mendoza Argentina. I am 51 years old and have been in photography for 5 years.
Most of my photos are taken with my Nikon D750, Sigma 50 and Tamron 70-200

I fell in love with art photography a long time ago. It is a way of daydreaming, it is said that those who daydream can see many things that escape those who dream only at night. In this world where visual communication has such an immense domain, how can the viewer be stopped in time before an image? Well, for me, because of the story it tells, the light, the composition, that is capable of moving and thrill, of transmitting a concept, a feeling, that somehow transcends the screen. And although technique is very important, what would it become if it is accompanied by feeling? In creativity and art.

I had a wonderful surprise when I noticed that they took into account my photos being a participant of the top 50 in  #Education2020  #Transport2020
#Bestoftheweek 26 – 27 and 41.
And I couldn’t believe that the community voted me for #Bestoftheweek 25 and I became a Hero! Just words of gratitude to all of you!

My advice is to keep doing what you are passionate about, regardless of whether others will like it or not, if you do something that means something to you then it will mean something to others.

Agora: @gabijuri Email: