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Pavan Prasad

  1. Tell people about you (your name, where are you from, your work, your context, your vision of life, your interests, your wishes… etc.)

Well I’m Pavan Prasad,  a photographer and filmmaker based in  Mysore, Karnataka, located in South India, Founder at Light Rays Photography and work has been published in Moiramor Magazines, Portrait Magazine, and Chiiz photo Magazine (sixth time) and Exhibited, featured on Nat Geo India, Sanctuary Asia, Canon India, Agora Images, World Photographers Club, Eye win Awards, so on. And won multiple awards and honors in national and international photo contests.

When I was studying my degree in Mysore University, 2004, my brother bought a Kodak Reel Camera (Vintage), I really didn’t remember that particular model, I used to go to simply click the pictures at ‘Kukkarahalli lake’ in our city, like birds, landscapes, sunset, etc, that is where my photography started without knowing to me, a years later my college friend invited me for a screening of Satyajit ray’s Films at ‘Mysore film Society’ that is where my vision exploded after watching a “Pather Panchali” the real artist in me came out, he is the true Inspiration to me to do my Photography/Filmmaking, I finally finished my degree and went for a job and worked in a MNC Company in Bangalore, for few years I worked there and Later I decided to quit my day job and take a Photography/Film making (Which was still hidden inside me) to pursue my passion towards photography/ Filmmaking for Serious and I got admission in New Delhi in 2016, While doing my Film course for an assignments I bought a Canon EOS700D,  during my film course I just came across  a ‘online Photography course’ by Sri Sudhir Shivaram (is a well know Wildlife Photographer Based in India), I passionate about his works, so I decided to take that course too I started practicing every day along with Filmmaking  Course. So he became a photography mentor to me till date. Me and My Friend were used to go on streets of Delhi to capture every day moments, there my photography skills developed strongly, when I came back to my native I finally decided in 2018 to work full-time as a photographer/filmmaker. This how it started.

  1. Tell people about your learning process, what is your favorite technique, which equipment do you use (camera, lenses, light, software) etc.

I follow the basic principles in photography, always keep it simple, every moment is a unique and new for me and open to learn new things.

Right now I’m using my Canon EOS700D, Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 is II Telephoto Zoom Lens, Canon EF S 18-55 mm F4-F5.6 IS STM Lens (Black), Canon EF STM Prime 50 mm F1.8 Lens (Black) and for Processing the images I’m using Light Room 5.3 64 bit Desktop version.

  1. For which #Hashtag/#Hashtags have you been in the Top50, top5 or Hero? How did you feel when you realized that you were nominated?

           #Animals, #BlackandWhite, #Green, #Love, #Nature,

           #Portraits, #Small, #spring, #Yellow, #Golden Hour, 

           I felt like wow, I was happy that my photographs recognized                      internationally through agora platform. 

  1. Why you like agora or what do you like the most about agora (support talent worldwide, awards, inspiration, promote your work… etc.)

Agora platform is great opportunity for Story tellers all around the world as a Photographer/ Filmmaker (beginners/ Amateur / Professionals) I was lucky enough to get this platform and I always cherish it, this platform gave me recognition of my works in internationally at early stage of my Photography.

  • Tell people about your winning photo or video.

                    This image was in the finalist of “Animals” Category in 2019 

              (Top50 Best Photos of #Animals2019)

  • Where did you take this photo/ film?

This shot was taken at Nagarahole National Park, Karnataka, India, 2019. This place is always close to my heart, also known as Rajiv Gandhi National Park, is a wildlife reserve in the South Indian state of Karnataka. Part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, the park is backed by the Brahamagiri Mountains and filled with sandalwood and teak trees. The Kabini River winds through jungle landscapes, home to tigers, Asian elephants and a variety of birds.

  • Why

I was always passionate, curious about Animals, Little creatures around me, since from my childhood that drives me to capture the wildlife or anything in front of me.

  • What is the message behind the photo/ film?

Besides winning contests or recognition, purpose of my photography is to conserve the wildlife through my photographs for better future. I would like to tell the powerful story to the world that can change the viewers mind to see the world in a different perspective.

  • Why do you like and why do you think people voted for your photo/film?

While photographing  I always keep in my mind I’m taking photographs for myself  only for my satisfaction and I’ll put my 100% heart and soul to that particular moment so I hope that people will also like it too.

  1. Did you win any other Awards? Do you work full-time as a photographer/filmmaker?


This photograph won the first place in “urban wildlife photography” contest organized by “The Digital Photographers team’’ on “Photo crowd” platform in 2020 .  

This Little Girl Portraiture photography made a Cover page on Moiramor Magazines in Sep Edition 2020, that was happiest moment for me as a photographer.

This Women Portraiture has been named me as a Best Photographer “Faces of India” in National Photography Contest on 35Awards, 2021. And so on. Yes I’m completely into the photography and Filmmaking as a full time work.

  1. What makes your style different/ special? Tell people about your message, method, etc.

The main thing is observation, be curious, everyone has that potential we just give pay attention to little things around us. Be patience to get that one moment, and wait for it, use the basic principles of photography, above all story is the key factor because you are a storyteller, tell the story.

  1. Tips, advice for the community

This is a tough one. To be honest I’m not the person to give any advice to anybody, all I can say is just keep it simple everything don’t mess it all, simplicity is the key. 

  1. Message for a better world from you

We are part of on this planet also; so that each and every person responsibility is to protect our planet we should act consciously towards to save the nature in a simple manner for a better future.

  1. WEB, INSTAGRAM, Agora profile, and other contact information if you want. 

You people can touch with me in these below following links.