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Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra

Pedro Luis Saiz Ajuriaguerra (Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain, 1974). self-taught photographer, began his career back in 2011 discovering a passion that was unknown, the beginning do little more than encourage their concerns are increasing making try almost all disciplines of photography, highlighting mainly in sports photography, and architectural photography.

It has the distinctions MCEF / o (Gold Master of the Spanish Confederation of Photography) and EFIAP / g (Gold Excellence of the International Federation of Photographic Art).

He is currently collaborating with magazines such as BAO Bilbao Magazine, Bilbao Tourism, Bilbao Bizkaia Tour Magazine and for different sports promoters such as MGZ Promotions, Euskobox etc.

Judge in more than 20 international competitions.

He has participated in numerous International competition and has managed numerous medals of FIAP, PSA, GPU, IUP, DPA, UPI, CVB, ISF, PCA (50 FIAP Gold Medals and around 70 PSA Gold Medals), just over 400 awards and more than 5000 acceptances by various international photographic salons in the last years.

Most relevant International Awards

  • Winner Macro Category Xposure International Photography Contest 2020-21   Sharjah UAE 
  • IPA 2020 International Photography Awards™ L.os Ángeles- USA

Professional Subcategory Winner Nature-Macro

  • 1st place Photo contest «Le Mouvement» -France 2020

Organized by the Arthritis Foundation and Nikon France

  • 3rd Place European Winner -Discover Whith Alpha Competition 2020
  • Best Author of  Uluslararası ‘Güler Ertan’ Fotoğraf Yarışması – 2020 TURKEY
  • 1st place Motion Category 35AWARDS V International Photography Awards
    100 best photographers of the year  RUSSIA 2020.
  • 1st place Overall Winner Xposure International Photography Contest 2019   Sharjah UAE
  • 1st place Art of Building photography competiion 2019 UK
  • 1st place Paris Sport Photo 2019 “Off Stadium” Category (exclusive competition for professional sports photographers) FRANCE
  • 1st place Urban design and use category in the Concrete in Life Contest GCCA 2019 London UNITED KINGDOM
  • 3rd place Architecture category, Pangea Bronze Trophy, in Siena Photography Awards 2019- ITALY.
  • 2nd Place and 2nd Place Professional Category Extreme Sports and Sports Competitions IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2019 CALIFORNIA USA
  • 4º place Sport Category Malta International Photo Award Spring 2019 (MIPA)  
  • Best Author of  Canytellis International Contest of Art Photograhpy 2019 TURKEY
  • Best Author of 3° Jewels Circuit International Photo Contest Edition 2019 ITALY
  • 1st place Grandprize Cities Category Malta Photography Awards 2018 MALTA
  • 1st place in the Sports category Pangea Gold Trophy in the Siena Photography Awards 2018- ITALY.
  • 1st Place Architecture Category URBAN Photo Awards 2018 Trieste 2018- ITALY.
  • 3rd Place Professional Category Extreme Sports and Honorable mention Architecture Other, IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2018 CALIFORNIA USA.
  • 1st Place in Category of Urban landscapes in the contest 35awards International Photography Awards 2018 RUSSIA.
  • Best Author of the Zaffiri Gran Prix Contest FIAP Blue Pin ITALY 2018.
  • 2nd Place and 3rd Place Professional Category Field Sports IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2017 CALIFORNIA USA.
  • 3rd Editorial Place: Sports and 3rd Place Sports Water Sports and 10 Honorable Mentions IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2016 CALIFORNIA USA.
  • 2nd Place and 3rd Place Non-professional category Sports and Other IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™ 2015CALIFORNIA USA.
  • Sport Photographer of the Year 2017 IPA INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS ™–SPAIN 2017.


The predator of instants

He is shy, thin, with white skin and very large, green, expressive eyes. They are eyes that capture everything; Suddenly, they focus on a sheet of time and begin to create a painting. 

The camera is just the harpoon that he catches that moment. Before, Pedro Luís has studied the hunting area. And then he will catch the moment before showing the trophy.

 He is a predator. “I’m not obsessed with light, or color, or movement. I am very attracted to various disciplines such as sports, architecture and extreme macro. I am looking for a place, event or object and I begin my research on what can be photographed, which can last for weeks. Then I let myself go, ”he explains. “It is essential to tell stories with photos. A good photograph must relate something. A photo is a story, a short story. Of course, it is not always possible. But the most impressive photos always have a story inside ”. 

He insists that passion is the descriptive element of his photographic style. “It is my strong point, it forces me to go further.” That passion is transmitted to the photo “with a lot of contrast, sharpness and blacks pushed to the limit; with marked shadows, the light is there. It is a style close to the comic ”. 

The photo does not exist although the moment already feels that it carries the harpoon on its back. “It is necessary to complement two processes: a good photograph and a good edition. He did a lot of editing work ”, “A photo, once you have taken it, you have worked on it, you have it finished, it loses part of its value for me. It is tremendous. It may be something subconscious, but once the process is complete, it loses its charm. And I do not stop finding defects. It also happens to me that the more I see a photo, it becomes devalued, it comes off the ability to surprise me. It is the essence of the predator. He needs new blood. A recent trail. The stimulus to capture prey that he has not yet seen.

Country of birth SPAIN
Year of birth  1974


Flying over the Guggenheim, during the RedBull CliffDiving world series. The beauty of the jump is coupled with the beauty of the museum’s architecture. More than 25,000 people watch the spectacleflying men competition. The city of Bilbao shows itself to the best 27 meter platform jumpers in the world.


Jump 2.0. During the para-olympic meeting, celebrated in Basauri for the Spanish championship, one of the best long jumpers for the blind category, Xavi Porras, realized a masterful jump. The statuesque beauty of the jumper and his strong desire to exit the photo frame are immortalized.

Instagram: pedro_ajuriaguerra

Twitter: @PAjuriaguerra