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Anges van der Logt

Thanks so much for this opportunity to introduce myself to the Agora community.
I am “Anges van der Logt”.
I am a female photographer born in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, but living most of my life in Jakarta, Indonesia now.
I am over 50 years old, and a retired Mechanical Engineer, enjoying a semi-professional career in photography now, as I sometimes sell some prints and stock photos.
My interest in photography started from an early age, mainly because my father was a serious hobbyist. Most of my learning process has been by self tuition although I also followed some informal courses in Jakarta.
I mainly like to do travel and landscape photography as well as birding or wildlife, but oftentimes do human interest and portraiture, especially as travelling at the moment is still difficult.
I use two camera systems, being a Sony A7RIII with 3 main lenses (wide zoom, standard zoom and tele zoom), and a Fujifilm XT20 with some fixed lenses and my main 100-400 telezoom for bird and wildlife photography.
I have been so happy to have been awarded Top5 and Top50 positions in several Agora competitions, being 5x a Top50 and 2x a Top5 position.
These are my images that have been awarded at Agora:(See attached)

I felt excited to be nominated, especially in the beginning, as I did not have any expectations. It made me more confident about my work.
The photos which got nominated are mostly taken in Indonesia, trying to show traditional culture and customs.
I try to take photos that look natural and tell a story. When I edit my photos in LR and PS, I also try to keep them as natural as possible.
When you ask me about tips, I probably advise you to look at others’ work and winning pics at Agora. You can also learn about photographic techniques through several youtube channels or the internet in general. There is many good content out there. However try to create your own style and do not copy others work endlessly, which may be good for a start, but not as you develop as a photographer.
To create a better world we need to respect each other and each other’s work. Also, we should respect the people we are photographing (especially in travel photography), they are not just things you can order around. And give useful but honest critiques on others’ work. With respect, this world could become so much better.
Here is a photo of me: (See attached)
If you like to see more of my work then have a look at my Instagram account(s): @angesvdl and, or follow this link for my website and places to buy my prints :