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David Tirado

My name is David Tirado, I am a film editor and documentary photographer. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I am 27 years old, and I currently live in Spain. I studied a university degree in film and photography, which allowed me to gain experience in the cinematographic medium of my country, participating in the editing and montage of fiction and documentary feature films.

The migration implied a delay at the professionallevel. Spain became my new home. The desire to tell stories led me to take refuge in photography, I created my way of seeing the world, my light, and my artistic and human identity. 

Everyday life is the essence of my work, the fundamental element in my search. Finding my aesthetic was not easy, I understood that it is not enough to have sophisticated equipment and theoretical knowledge to take valuable photographs. After being quarantined for the pandemic, I thought about how life and the psychological state of people would change. I wanted to show how, despite being a vulnerable species, we continue to exist and adapt to any reality regardless of its complexity. This gave meaning to my photography; I had a solid idea that allowed me to perfect
my technique and completely master my style.

Sebastiao Salgado has been my greatest inspiration and his way of working is my most notable reference. I work with a Canon eos200D, my favourite lenses are the canon 35mm, and sigma 70/300. Lightroom is the program that I use to develop my photos.

In Agora I was able to find a space to share my photographs and discover new artists with notable works, this being an innovative platform to make yourself known, expand your works and generate income with your work.

I have been selected in the top 50 of #Bestoftheweek34, #Bestoftheweek37, and #Bestoftheweek39. The satisfaction that your works are chosen from thousands of photographs is incredible since the recognition of what you do is what motivates and inspires you to continue.

My work from the top 50 #Bestoftheweek34 is part of my first photographic project, which is titled “La peste” inspired by Albert Camus’s book, which bears the same title. It was carried out to record the uncertainty that the pandemic generated and how, despite the difficulties, we can continue to exist. In the photograph, you can see a man whose silhouette is marked by light which highlights her in the dark.

My work in the top 50 #Bestoftheweek37 is part of the project described above. A woman appears whose silhouette is marked by light, which highlights her in the dark.

My work in the top 50 #Bestoftheweek39 is a black and white photograph of an elderly couple walking towards a shaft of light streaming through the trees. This work was the product of improvisation and a scene impossible to ignore.

Constancy, patience, and imagination will always be the fundamental bases of all art. It is necessary to start from reality to create, but it is impossible to create it. For this reason, we must show the world our vision of it, it is the only true thing, the “how you think” is better than the “how it is”.



Mobile: +34 654725100

Instagram: @davidtirado94

Agora id: @tiradod