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Syed Mehedy Hasan

I am Syed Mehedy Hasan. I was born in Barisal, Bangladesh but currently live in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m 27 years old. I usually do travel photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, and fine arts photography. I always wanted to be different from others and do the things that made me happy. I want to be a renowned photographer someday and also want to travel the whole world. 

Photography was my hobby when I was a kid. As days passed by I became more and more passionate about it. From the beginning of my university days, I started photography, and still going on.

 Mostly I learned from online platforms like YouTube. My favorite technique is using natural light in various ways to get different outputs. My equipment is Nikon D750 with sigma 85 mm 1.4 art and Nikkor 24-120mm and I also have a drone which model is Dji Mini 2. Most of the time I use lightroom and photoshop and Premiere Pro.

I have been in #top50. It was one of the best moments of my life when I was nominated. I have a long way to go to achieve everything I always wished for and it’s just a beginning. This nomination inspires me to do better.

Agora is an online contest app. I really like this app as it supports talent all over the world, inspires me to keep dreaming about my passion, and also helps to promote my work.

 My winning photograph was a minimalism photograph which was taken with a drone. I took this photograph at a place near Jamuna River in Bangladesh. Taking this photo made me realise we are very small in this huge place and it is the message behind this photograph. I like this photo as it carries my thinking and also it shows a piece of scenic beauty of my country. There are some people who thought the same as I did and so they voted my photo.

I was also nominated for some national awards. 

I didn’t choose any conventional job like most people in my country do. I have chosen photography and I work as a full time photographer. 

Every person has his own style which makes him different from others. I am someone who loves to play with light and shade and also using natural light in different ways. I also try to capture things in a very ordinary place and still make it extraordinary in my own way. 

Whoever wants to go with their passion, needs to keep dreaming and work very hard for it. It’s always not easy to follow your dreams. There will be a lot of obstacles. A lot of people will demotivate you. Still you have to go on with the full spirit and it will make you unstoppable. 

I always dreamt for a world without any standard of perfection. Everyone is perfect in their own way. We just need to be less judgemental and more supportive and appreciative to each other for a better world.

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