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Florent Bremont

Hi everyone !

My name is Florent, I’m 26 and I’m from Lille in France. What I love the most is capturing moments, places and people while traveling. Discovering the world is one of my biggest pleasures, and being able to make memories of everything is one thing that makes me truly happy. So that’s why I put a big interest on photography and video making. Starting with my phone I really wanted to upgrade my style and the quality of my cliche.
Scrolling on Instagram, I discovered many amazing talents, and it makes me want to do so much better. I also spend a lot of time on YouTube, watching videos, tutorials because I was a beginner in this world and I needed to learn everything by myself.

After that, I finally bought my first camera, which is the one I still use, the Sony A7iii. After that, and depending on what I needed, I invested in different lenses. I began with a sony 50 f/1,8 and a sony 24-70 f/4. Then I bought a Tamron 17-28 f/2,8 and a sony 70-200 f/4. And the last one I bought was a sigma 150-600 f/5,6-6,3 because I really needed big lenses to capture animals in their own habitat.
I edit my picture with Lightroom for mobile and create my videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I discovered Agora by a photographer on another platform who shared his cliche on his story. Really curious about it, I subscribed and started posting my first picture. I like Agora because it allows me to discover brand new artists I wouldn’t have known, therefore. It also helps me on having a bit more of engagement which it’s really hard nowadays. Thanks to Agora, I hit twice the top50. The first time was with a picture taken in the Swiss mountains. It was the sunset and the colors were absolutely stunning. A magical moment that I’m really glad I had the ability to capture and keep as an eternal memory. That’s why I was touched when I saw that this picture was chosen by agora and other people liked it too. Maybe it makes them traveling and dreaming for a short time. The second time, it was a video that was chosen. It shows howler monkey living their best life in Costa Rica. I captured it during my last travel.
I never want other awards because that’s not my full-time job. That’s a dream that maybe one day I would be able to travel the world by doing what I love the most, photography and video making. I’m going to keep practicing to get better, improve my skill and style, and never stop learning.

If I can share a little advice for other people it would be to never stop trying. The Photography world is a really special one where it’s hard to be known and discovered. But if having your camera in your hands is what makes you truly happy you’re on a good way. With passion and love, everything is possible! Share your content, take advice from the best and keep doing, every day you are better from the day before. Art, empathy, and love is what matters the most and what makes this world so beautiful.
Don’t forget to follow me on Agora @Florent Brémont, on Instagram @flobrt_visual, and my YouTube channel @flo_ brt and get in touch with me.

I love to discover new artists with their own style and world 🤙🏼