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Jeane Siegers

My name is Jeane Siegers, 47 years old. I live in Jakarta. I work as a photographer and would very much like to have my own photography services company.

I started my career as a photographer since May 2018. I’d like to work that is in accordance with my passion.

I have been learning by attending coaching clinics and discussion groups. I use a Canon 1300D with 14mm, 50mm, 18-200mm and 70-300mm lenses, also Adobe Lightroom for post processing.

I have been selected as one of Top 50 #PhotoOfTheWeek46. It’s surely surprising as I did not expect anything at the first place.

From my point of view, Agora is the nice place to share my work without too much hassle.

• Tell people about your winning photo or video.

The photo is about women fixing fishing net.

• Where did you take this photo/ film?

The photo was taken in Bogor, Indonesia.

• Why

It is a rare moment to capture.

• What is the message behind the photo?

Indonesia is a maritime country where fishing is the way of most people do to make a living. Fixing the net is a regular activity.

• Why do you like and why do you think people voted for your photo?

The mood and the sense of depth of the photo.

Did you win any other Awards? Do you work full-time as a photographer?

I won several local photo competition.

What makes your style different/ special? Tell people about your message, method, etc.

I only use ambient light.

– Tips, advice for the community

Keep creating!

-. Message for a better world from you…

Keep sharing positive vibes.

With warm regards,

Jeane Siegers.

Instagram: @js_portraiture