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Muhammad Aslam Gujjar @aslamibraheem, from Pakistan

Hello Everyone, My name is Muhammad Aslam Gujjar, I am from Lahore, Pakistan. Photography is my passion and I love to capture the moments around me. Specifically, I capture the cultural, traditional, and customarily photographs to preserve them as these values are fading day by day as our society is moving towards modernization. My work is a source of inspiration for youth who want to learn about the life of their ancestors. I have adopted this childhood passion as a profession for the last 8 years. My photographs have been presented in several national and international exhibitions and they also have been published in some magazines. I use a Canon 6-D camera and I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom as editing software. Agora is a suitable platform for young and emerging photographers who are destined to learn and to evaluate their worth, they must participate in Agora. I also have been in the top 50 in the Agora contests twice. I was in the top 50 in #Education2020 (A photograph of a child reading in a window in dramatic view) and the message of this photo was an education for all. My second photograph was short-listed in the top 50 in #TheWorldWeWant contest, and this photograph had displayed in the United Nations. It captions as the festival which gives a message of peace, harmony, happiness, and festivity to the world. To enjoy my amazing photographs, please visit my Agora Profile: @aslamibraheem
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