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Andy Lam @andy_lam from Vietnam

Hi, I am Andy Lam, I am 36 years old and I come from Tay Ninh – a small city in Vietnam. My main job is to open a café, but besides that, I am a freelance photographer. I was lucky to know the art of photography when I was given an old camera as a gift in my birthday and I learned by myself about photography until now. My favorite photography category is street life. I use the Sony @72 with the 28-75 f2.8 lens. I was so lucky to made it into the top 50 and top 5 of the Agora competitions #women2019 #love2019 #changetheworle2019 #fun2020 #peace2020 #theworldwewant2020

What i love about Agora is the perfect community and various competitions happen every month, it is also the place where I can learn and improve my skill of photography from photographers all around the world. The photo applied for #women2019 is where I captured the moment of an old woman in the famous temple in my local place, I want to tell the world that every woman on earth is beautiful when they smile, and I thought people voted for me by the way I captured the normal moment of life which it seldom happens again. I want to tell everyone that if you love anything, just photograph it, then everything that you photographed will look amazing.