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Cahyo Priyo Purnomo @cahyopriyo

Featured Photographer from Java, Indonesia.

Greetings, I’m Cahyo Priyo Purnomo. I was born on April 29, 1997, in Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia. I work as an IoT Engineer but also very passionate about photography. Making my parents happy and taking them around the world is one of my dreams.

At the end of 2017, I started by seeing a nature-themed photo post uploaded by my friend’s Instagram account, which made me even more amazed by the beauty of nature, art, and the uniqueness of the photo. Starting from that, my determination became stronger and more interested in being able to explore photography with the landscape genre that I would pursue.

The first thing I did in order to pursue this field was to join a landscape photography community. There are many positive things and useful knowledge that I got there, from metering, exposure, strong composition to using good filters.

The process is not easy for me, I often get harsh criticism. But that doesn’t make me give up, it raises the spirit to keep going by making it a motivation to keep learning and showing the best. Being always motivated has had a huge impact on me, making me even more enthusiastic about continuing to work until now I am able to prove the achievements that I have achieved.

At first, I was surprised by all the expensive equipment while at that time I was still a student. However, I kept trying and believed that there must be a way to achieve my desires. Starting from buying a Canon camera for 1 million rupiahs through e-commerce, then got my first supporting kit like tripod and a low quality filter that causes excessive color effects on the result of the photo. Sometime later, I was able to buy a used Nikon brand camera for 5 million rupiahs, and it still works fine. Even though to get the camera, I had to travel a long distance of about 5 hours to get to the seller’s place by using a motorbike. Then, luckily I was able to buy a high-quality filter for 6 million rupiahs. As time goes by, with all the effort, confidence, and high enthusiasm until now, I can have a fairly complete photography gear set, such as the Sony A7riii camera, kit lens, Laowa 10-18mm FF wide lens, Sony 70-200mm telephoto lens and also drone DJI Mavic Pro Platinum. At this point, I felt quite proud of myself.

One of the achievements that I have achieved is that I was a finalist in The Top 50 #nature2020 in the world. I feel very surprised how lucky I am to reach the Top 50 of the world, I am very proud and very happy to be given the opportunity to be included in the nomination. However, in the end, I got stuck and didn’t make it to the Top 5. 

I love agora because agora supports talents around the world, with agora I can also see a variety of very beautiful photos by reliable and professional photographers from all over the world. So that it makes me even more motivated to create extraordinary works from the photos I create.

Here are the results of my photo that entered the top 50 # nature2020 in the world.

I took this photo located in Curug Cikanteh, Sukabumi, Indonesia. In my opinion, this waterfall is very beautiful and magnificent and deserves to be immortalized. The message behind this photo is to stay strong and have an unyielding spirit even if you fall many times, this waterfall symbolizes strength and unyielding perseverance that keeps on dropping water even though it’s currently dry season when I took this photo.

It takes a lot of struggle and a lot of determination for this photo to be born, technically speaking the angle of taking the photo in my opinion is quite unique with a very beautiful and magnificent waterfall. Someone who saw this picture may agree with me that this photo is very beautiful and majestic with long exposure techniques that make it more dramatic.

I also won the National Telestrial Competition by winning the favorite champion, the top 9 National Photography Competitions, winning 1st place on “Generate Photography Explore Indonesia”, the National Photography jury in the context of Independence Day of Republic Indonesia with a Arbian Rambey, the jury of the national photography competition of “Telkom Heroes”, the jury of the Indonesian national photography competition named “Wonderful Papua” with Aditya Key and several times giving photography workshop.

Photography is just my hobby, however, it is not a permanent job for me. What makes my photography style different is that I pay close attention to composition, I really like strong compositions, because I think that composition makes photos more dimensional. Editing and coloring can be customized to the tastes of each individual person.

My advice for those who want to learn photography, learn with the community, by doing so you will meet other people to share the knowledge and get a lot of experience you.

I think photography is not how long you hold the camera but how you use the camera.  By taking photos frequently, try every day or every week to take time to take pictures, so that you have more experience and the spirit to take pictures with the community.

Instagram: @cahyopriyopurnomo

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AGORA: @cahyopriyo