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Abhijit Mukherjee @abhijitaarvi

Featured Photographer and cinematographer from India.

Hello everyone
I am Abhijit Mukherjee from Howrah, West Bengal India. I am 27 years old,
I am a professional cinematographer but I like to click pictures as well and I think clicking pictures is a form of art, the art which I create through my camera and lens and I like  Macro, Street and Silhouette photography the most I use canon 200d mark II with an 18/135mm lens, The journey of my photography is very interesting because I have started photography in May 2020 when lockdown is going on in India and the world due to the pandemic.

Every day I feel bored sitting idle in my house so I thought that I should go out and start photography as I have my camera with me because it would definitely be better than sitting idle in the house and from that day I started photography as my passion.

After that, I started participating in the photography competitions in agora and other platforms and started getting some achievements Like I was selected in the top 50 of agora #Best_of_the_week_11 in a small period of time Through which I was inspired for taking more beautiful pictures
And I became overwhelmed with joy when I received the email from agora I am just mesmerized and started crying,
Agora is really a very prestigious platform where I can represent my country and can show my pictures in the photographer community throughout the world which inspires me to take more beautiful pictures

I have taken the picture in Esplanade, Kolkata the reason that I clicked the photo and selected this frame is that this picture gives me some joy and some grief. The reason behind my grief is the dark poverty faced by them they can’t even have their meal properly television is like a dream for them but the thing which gives me some joy is that although they live a very difficult life but they are so much enthusiastic in cricket and sports. So I couldn’t control myself from taking the picture and capture their emotions and love in my frame.

The reason that people voted for my picture is that the naturalistic beauty of the subject and the object is expressed through my picture  and I like to give some joy to me and other people throughout the world by clicking pictures,
The reason I like photography is that I can enlight myself through the unknown truths of mother nature and her beauty, whenever I saw the beauty of nature I can’t control myself from capturing it through my frame. 
The truth and the reality are expressed through my pictures which makes my style different from others,
For creating a better world we have to be more concerned towards the nature whose beauty we have to preserve and we have to be kind towards others. Spread love Spread humanity.
Thanks and regards from Abhijit for reading my blog

Agora – @abhijitaarvi
Instagram- @wildman_abhijitaarvi
Thank you