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Suvajit Mukherjee @suvajit95 from Kolkata, India

I am Suvajit Mukherjee, a 25 years old Photographer from Kolkata, India. I love to shoot people, culture, emotions, and the streets around me. I wish to portray the entire world from a different perspective and want to explore the world differently. According to my, everyone needs to invest more time in observation rather than buying expensive camera gears. 

I am in this field since 2013 and when I was in higher secondary school, I used to borrow my uncle’s mobile in order to shoot photographs around me. Photography inspired me a lot to see the world from a different approach and I always tried to shoot interesting frames of daily life scenes. During this entire learning process, I have spent a lot of time learning compositions and use of perspective to be different from the rest of the photographers around me. In 2017, I brought the first DSLR camera of my life and started to explore the city of joy, Kolkata. Eventually, at that time I took admission to Belgharia Photography Club in order to pursue my photography Basic and diploma course under the guidance of Satyen Banerjee. Sir taught me about composition, lights, patterns, forms, Harmony, the use of shapes, and so on. Canon 7000d, Canon 1500D, 10-18mm, 18-55mm, and 50mm lens consist in my Photography gears list.

Being in TOP 50 was like a tick on the bucket list of my life and I was very happy at that time. Being a finalist, I also felt happy for my co-winners and other participants. I used to have #MOOD, #CHILD #EMOTIONS etc. on my hashtag list at that time. Agora plays an important role to present some immersive talent houses in front of the world and provides a strong platform to enhance their personal and professional life. Besides, I thought viewers voted for my photograph based on my composition skill and candid emotion capturing ability. I took that photograph in Kolkata during the Iskon Rathyatra, while devotees were waiting in a queue in order to have food named ‘Mahaprasad’. The emotion of that girl and her surroundings has influenced my ‘photographer’s instinct’ to take a photograph and this I how I made the “Best Photograph of My Life” (until now). 

Now, I am sharing a small list of my awards and recognitions:-

   Years                                        Achievements

  1. 2015: Photograph published in EYE PHOTOGRAPHY MAGAZINE (Austria)
  2. 2017:  Photograph published in PHOTOGRAPHY MASTERCLASS MAGAZINE
  3. 2018: 2nd winner of the Life on the Streets Photography Competition by Society of International Travel and Tourism Photographer (ENGLAND)
  4. 2018: Photo Published in Anandabazar Patrika in West Bengal (Established in 1876)
  5. 2018: Photo Published in The Lens Magazine, Spain
  6. 2018: Photo Selected in Top 100 Photography Award art exhibition at Photokina 2018 (France)
  7. 2018: Photo published on National Geographic Website.
  8. 2018: Photograph Published in Chiiz International Magazine
  9. 2018: Photograph Published in www.Viewbug.Com as a finalist in Blue contest
  10. 2018: Photo selected as 2nd runner-up place in spirit of festival by News press India
  11. 2018: Photo published in Transversalidades competition 2018 (PORTUGAL)
  12. 2019: Photograph Published on Black and white Photography magazine( England)
  13. 2019: Secured 1st prize in Mood Category in Camarena academy Photography Award 2018
  14. 2019: Won HONOURABLE MENTION in  Siena International Photo Awards SIPA, (Italy)
  15. 2019: Finalist in photo contest on Urban informality in Pennsylvania,USA
  16. 2019:  Secured the FIAP GOLD in 10th. ”GÜLER ERTAN” International Photography Contest (Turkey)
  17. 2019:  Secured The FIAP GOLD from the 15th ORHAN HOLDING photography contest (TURKEY)
  18. 2019:  Selected as Finalist in “City Life” section in Camelback Art Gallery, Arizona
  19. 2019:  Secured 1st Runner-up in Aperture F/2 contest by NDPC (BANGALDESH) 
  20. 2019:  Selected As the Winner of World Photo Day contest under Street category supported by INDIAN PHOTO FESTIVAL
  21. 2019: Photograph Published in Better photography International Magazine
  22. 2019: WON Bronze Medal from medal SAP Indian Photographer Photo contest  2019 NATIONAL LEVEL AWARD
  24. 2019: Photography exhibition in 2nd international polyphony photo festival 2019 by RAMKRISHNA MISSION VIDYAMANDIR
  25. 2019: Reached The 2nd stage of the HIPA PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD
  26. 2019: Won special mention in Chobi 2019 BY JPA
  27. 2019:  Secured 2nd place in AGON 2019 by Calcutta national Medical Collage
  28. 2019: Won 1st prize in durga puja contest organized by SRI SRI SARVOJANIN DURGA PUJA THE BENGALI SAMAJ MHOW, Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  29. 2019: Secured 3rd place in LIFE IN MONSOON by Photography Club of India
  30. 2020: Completed my DIPLOMNA IN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY Course under FIP, FIAP,PSA,ICS
  31. 2020: Portfolio publication in Smart Photography Magazine (India’s No 1 Photo Magazine)
  32. 2020: Winner of GPU Ribbon From GREECE 
  33. 2020: Photograph Published in 1X.Com( world’s most curated online photo gallery)
  34. 2020: Selected as the finalist in Youth eye On Silk road International Photo Contest By UNESCO (FRANCE)
  35. 2020: Interview published in Photography Kolkata Magazine
  36. 2020: Winner in SPORTS Photography Contest By 
  37. 2020: Won 2nd place in ‘in Rightxposure 2020 under Candid Category by Travel Unbounded Sponsored by DISCOVERY INDIA
  38. 2020: Won PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR Award From PICT-O-Real club, (TRIPURA)
  39. 2020: Won 2 awards from MINISTRY OF TOURISM, INDIA In Village Category
  40. 2020: Got 2 fellowships HON. FPMP & HON.APF
  41. 2020: Secured place in TOP 100 PHOTOGRAPGERS in India by WALLMAG
  42. 2020: Secured 1st place in sports category by Success Mantra Foundation
  43. 2020: Secured 3rd place at Pixels 2020 by BITS PILANI,GOA
  44. 2020: Secured 3 Acceptance from RAFFELS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARD 2020 (SINGAPORE)
  45. 2020: Secured 3rd place at 1st National Mobile Photography Contest by Foto Circle Society, Thane
  46. 2020: Photograph Published in Ei Samay News Paper( A initiative of TOI)
  47. 2020: Selected in Asian Woman University photo carnival 2020, (Bangladesh)
  48. 2020: Secured 3 HONORABLE MENTION in Photo of the year contest by WPC
  49. 2020: Photograph exhibited in 3  exhibition by SUPA(BANGLADESH)
  50. 2021: Secured 2nd place in ‘The Year That Was’ Contest by Photography Club of Assam
  51. 2021: Secured 1st place in Emozioni 2021 International Photography contest
  52. 2021: Photograph exhibited at We Meet to Rise” the international online exhibition in Tunisia
  53. 2021: Secured 11th place among top 30 photographs in the ‘MY COUNTRY’ segment of ASE International Photo Awards 2020, (RUSSIA)
  54. 2021: 13 Photographs published in Getty images
  55. 2021: 250+ photographs published in Pacific Press Agency
  56. 2017-2021: Total 17 diploma From 35 AWARDS (Russia)  

Currently I am working as a Freelance photojournalist in Pacific Press agency.

This new generation has a very big responsibility in their hand in order to show the real world in front of other viewers as social media plays a very big role nowadays. Besides, they need to focus on their skills rather than having many followers. They need to understand the fact that,