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DENNIS OTIENO @spartanphotography254

Featured photographers from Kenya.

Hello I am DENNIS OTIENO i was born in dandora, Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪 i am currently the CEO os Spartan photography Kenya.We started photography way back in 2015 and was on building a brand that was taking pictures with phones and digital cameras, doing crazy editings and associating them with trends for audience.

Life is like a movie 🎦 with every moment, some last some do not and just like every moment, it needs documentation because it passes. My most ultimate goal is to be a renowned photographer and my works forever remain in the hearts of people not just magazines.Before my ultimate wish my ultimate want i have a rather small funny wish, 2 years after we started nikom released a camera the nikon d850, they called it the beast. We were not established financially and i told my partner allow me to mention him Kevin Ochieng “when we become the best i will go to the camera shop and purchase the nikon d850 it might not be a beast right now but its a wish i need to fulfill moving forward because it inspired me. I am passionate about human life and its sorroundings, i love writing so most of my free time i just take my diary fill it with ideas both photography and videography.

Human life is so fascinating.I rely 100% on online tutorials for post production but our ideas most are original ideas inspired by real stories and real people around us, for now we are using a Nikon D7200 with two light setup yn200 and yn560 3 speedlight and always post processing on lightroom and photoshop software.

I was glad to be the hero of #stopracism2020, to me it fulfilled my soul, because it was during that time that George Floyd was murdered and for the course that came after black lives matter i was honored to be one of the few kenyans from Nairobi who donated for the course and others.

We took the picture at our safe place around where I live, we were actually done shooting and the idea just popped up of a white hand because George cried out I can’t breathe let’s depict that simple and powerful. It showed modern black slavery, people voted because it was the full package of race and oppression. As a group we have won 5 other awards on Agora and countless nominations on the top 50.

My style is always different because of the message, it’s what’s happening, it’s what affecting us as humans. I call it conceptual art because when turned black and white they become drawings and as an artist it’s encouraging. Let’s embrace art, right now the biggest problem is space which is abundant but people are not sure of what you are doing. 

A better world is a world offering opportunities, i am glad that i am part of the agora community which brought artists, competition together hence growth.

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Agora: @spartanphotography254

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Phone ; +254798666469