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Kwame @kreativekwame

Kwame likes to describe himself as an experimental storyteller. Be it through copywriting for brands/social media or creative directing & taking internationally acclaimed photo series’.

Hi, I am Kwame. (@kreativekwame).

I created a radio show aimed at promoting young talent called @theyatshow whilst in the University in Buea, Cameroon. I graduated with a degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. This heightened my interest in PR, Advertising & Social Media. I am Cameroonian.

I’ve always been a creative at heart.

I perform and curate Spoken Word Poetry events for young creatives in my home town of Buea. I have a deep love for music and writing.

I started posting content in April 2019, photos from my iPhone 7. Niche’s are limiting, but I guess mine is Narrative/Fine Art photography.

The motivation to start taking photos was to get into filmmaking. I am transitioning into that at the moment. I hope to set up a Creative Agency, offering top notch visually appealing ads for brands and producing movies, starting with shorts as well. Here’s some work we’ve done already –

I learn a lot from Youtube, from other photographers. That’s why I like the challenge AGORA brings. So far, my success on AGORA include:

Top 5 #OneHumanity
Top 75 #TheWorldWeWant
X3 Top 50
X2 Top 50 BOTW
My Photo is also the cover photo for the contest #TheWorldWeWant I am currently Level 17.

I was short of words when I got the news, especially the United Nations contest. The photo series “Through the Walls of Colorism” was born out of nothing but the will to speak on a sensitive topic – albinism. We had zero equipment, just a Canon EOS 650D and Natural light from the sun. Most importantly, we had heart.

My Photo titled “Et tu, brute?” is a line from the famous playwright Shakespeare in his book “Julius Caesar”. This photo has the subject staring directly at the viewer, is asking if they too condone Colorism. The description of the photo is “The world has no place for racism, colorism or discrimination of any kind”. This brought me international success, as it was acclaimed and exhibited by the United Nations in honor of their 75th Anniversary.

Another Photo that brought me international acclamation is my photo “Don’t see Color, See Family, See Oneness”. I made it to the TOP 5, and this was exhibited during the World Human Rights Concert organized by the ONUART Foundation at the UN HQ.

I have had over 15 of my friends download and join AGORA contests. When opportunities present themselves, it is great to share. Agora has led me to meet wonderful creatives from around the world, some who have become friends, beyond the competition. I will like that for my friends too.

The other Award I won was for Best Radio Program back in UNI. I would say I am a full time creative, every work I do is that – creative. Whilst I set up the Creative Agency, recently, I tutor Digital Marketing to Cameroonian Entrepreneurs as part of the UNESCO collaboration with FEREFAN. I am Social Media Manager as well.

My style, at it’s base is storytelling. I have my “say” through photography – an example is my Photo Series “SHAME”, which ended up as a Magazine cover. I do like moody tones, blur effect as of recent as well. I will absolutely love to try film photography. I usually try to mimic that in my edits.

My advice for the community is to keep trying. Especially creatives from Africa. There’s a huge market out there, there’s possibility of international exposure. One photo can change your life. I am extremely inspired by Michael Aboya.

You can read about my work here :
Please buy a print here – Here’s my Instagram too : @kreativekwame
And my Agora Profile – @kreativekwame
Reach me here –

The World Can Be Better. Find your peace inside. You are Worth it.