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Tamim Mohamad @Tamim_mohamad, from Magura, Bangladesh.

Hello, This is Tamim Mohamad from Magura, Bangladesh. Currently, I am 23 years old and taking my post-graduation degree from the Department of Theatre at Rajshahi University, Bangladesh. Basically, I am a self-learned photographer and still trying to study more about photography along with my academic studies. I love photography, I want to be with it till my ending. My major concern is wildlife photography, but I also have an interest in the street, daily life, aerial, and portrait photography.

I used to click with a mobile phone from my high school life. Actually, I was very fascinated by this type of arts. Then in 2017, I got my first camera. My enthusiasm grew even more after getting the camera. 
The technique I am using to develop my skills is quite simple. I learn from the photographs of renowned photographers, used to see a lot of photographs every day, try to understand the composition. I named it “Cultivating My Eye”. I got huge support from two well-known photographers of our country, Tania Rahman and Rakibul Alam Khan of the Bangladesh Photographic Association.

My educational institution based photography club “Rajshahi University Photographic Club- RUPC” also helps me a lot. Here is a list of the equipments I have right now:1.Canon 80d2. Canon 55-250stm3. Canon 18-135usm4. Mavic Air 2 

I am an early user of Agora in Bangladesh. Here are some of my memorable achievements from Agora:#wild2020 – Top 15#Best of the week 1- Top 50#video of the week 2 -Top 50These nominations inspired me a lot, encouraged me to participate in other international contests. And most importantly, I got a great response from other photographers, people started following me.

The photograph nominated for #wild2020 is one of my most appreciated photographs. It was taken at the time of sunset. I was focusing on the sun, suddenly a bird entered my frame and I got my lucky shot! 
The photograph nominated for #Best of the week 1 is a photograph of a working woman who works in a brick factory. She is the only earning person of her family. It was a nice moment when I talked to her.
It’s quite surprising for me that I got a nomination for #video of the week 1. Recently I got my drone and learning how to control it. I took the clip when I was practicing and it has been selected. It means I am doing good with my flying machine!

Every time I get the nomination, people supported me by voting. I think viewers love the way I photograph the subjects, the color of my photographs attracts the viewers.
Since 2017 I have been taking part in lots of national and international photography-related events. Here are some memorable achievements I got nationally and internationally :*6thWorld Water Day photography contest 2021 organised by UNICEF Bangaldesh
Top 3Bangladesh through the lens, Bangladesh
First runner upNature photography contestOrganised by Art photography India
ChampionOnline nature photography contestOrganised by Dhaka University nature conservation club
WinnerBird photography contestDawood foundation, Pakistan
WinnerWorld father’s day photography contestPhilippine

I always remember a thing when photographing a subject. I don’t like to stage my subject or the environment a lot, want to capture the candid moments in natural lights if it’s possible. I strongly believe that patience is very much important in photography, and also the skill of using the intuition. Here I want to attach a quote from Sir Henri Cartier- Bresson:“Composition must be one of our constant preoccupations, but at the moment of shooting it can stem only from our intuition, for we are out to capture the fugitive moment, and  all the interrelationships involved are on the move.”

 Agora id@Tamim_mohamad