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Ebuka Mordi @ebukamordi

Featured Photographer, from Nigeria.

I am Ebuka Mordi. I was born in Kaduna, Nigeria. I am a 23 years old portrait photographer with a 7 years experience as a freelancer. 
My passion for photography was fueled by the amazing gift of nature. I love capturing landscapes and beautiful scenes that nature gives us. I had to build a career as a portrait photographer because I needed to fund my passion.

My edit style was formed as a result of lack of gear. I had to master a lot of edit procedures to cover up for the low quality images my gear could produce.I felt elated and really happy when my work was nominated for Top 50 images of the week.

Agora is an amazing platform that recognizes talent and gives the opportunity for inspiration.
My winning photo was that of a male model sitting on a tennis court. I took this image in Kaduna, Nigeria. The court had an aesthetically pleasing view which I felt the need to amplify with a model.I work as a full time photographer.

My evocative unique style of photography showcases emotion through photos.I feel the community of photographers especially start up photographers need to learn to use what they have to get what they want. Creativity provoked through restrictions is what I say.

Agora profile: @ebukamordi

+234 7016452066