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ZEB UN NISA @zebunnisa

Featured photographer

My name is Zeb un nisa. I was born in Kasur, Pakistan. I am 30 years old. I aspire to live my
life to the fullest. To explore and live each moment at a time and photography helps me do
that. I started photography in 2017 after quitting my job. I worked as a full time photographer
for about 2 years. Due to COVID19 I had to keep it as a part time profession but full time
hobby and do another job for financial reasons. It helped me to see this world in so many
perspectives for which I will always be grateful.

Back then, I had a Canon 750d with a kit lens. I joined a photography course at National
College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan. Now I have a Canon 6d Mark II with a 24-70mm lens. I
use photoshop and lightroom to edit my pictures. I use godox v860 flash for indoor portraits.
But I love to work and experiment with natural light too. I love portrait and nature

I had been nominated for top50 #Love2020. When I came to know about that I just couldn’t
believe it. It’s overwhelming when your work is acknowledged at a platform where so many
extraordinary people showcase their work. That’s why I love to present my work at Agora.
For me, It have been my favourite platform till now.

I studied the work of many photographers and found out that it is crucial to have your own
style to have originality. When I photograph something or someone, I tell myself to find a
composition, light, mood, perspective,and so many other factors that can push my
boundaries to think out of the box and my comfort zone. There must be harmony to create
an impact in a photograph.

I wish all photographers to keep doing amazing work and be true to yourself. Whether it’s life
or photography, finding our own style is what makes us unique.
Photography changed the way I perceived this world. It taught me that we can all coexist
peacefully. There is enough room for everyone to grow and cherish.
Agora: @zebunnisa
Instagram link: @zebunnisa90

ZEB UN NISA selfportrait