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Arun Sharma @ghumakkadpandit

Featured Photographer

Hi All,

I am Arun Sharma from New Delhi, India. I am 29 years old and I am very passionate about photography. I started doing photography because I loved paying attention to various things and I wanted to show my perspective to others as well. 

I started doing photography around 6 years back and then I needed to update my skills so I did a one year diploma for Photography (Advanced).

I love all genres of photography but what I love most is Architectural & Landscape photography. I believe in bare minimum editing but whenever I wish to do small retouching to my work  I always use Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom CC. I have a Canon 80D with 18-135mm lens apart from that I have a 50 mm lens too.
I always follow the light and try to find the beauty of subjects with the help of it.

#Architecture2020 was the Hashtag that made me a part of top 50 and It literally meant the world to me.

The best part of Agora was that the images chosen by agora were not biased and it was a transparent process and Agora gave my image brilliant exposure and wonderful recognition.

My Image was of Safdarjung Tomb, shot at New Delhi. I took this image because the Tomb was lit by beautiful light and looked absolutely magnificent during the night and that made a lot of people vote for my image.
Now, here is the photograph that got selected.


Let me know your thoughts about the image.

I am working towards becoming a full time photographer and have created a few YouTube videos along the way as well.
I strongly believe that every photographer has their own perspective towards the world and that perspective becomes their style. My only message to everyone out there who is reading this blog is to “GO CREATE” because nobody becomes better from Day 1 it takes time to be better and it will only happen if you start doing something from today.

And my message to the world is “Keep this planet Clean and Green”

If you wish to connect me directly you can find me on the below platforms:

Agora: @ghumakkadpandit (follow me)


The Mystical Mountain

the mystical mountain

Thank you so much for sparing time reading my blog. I wish that this planet remains clean and green.✌
Thanks & RegardsArun Sharma+91-999-796-3200