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Kitundu Jonathan_Interview

Featured Filmmaker from United Republic of Tanzania

Agora is honored to introduce Kitundu Jonathan, a talented young filmmaker from the United Republic of Tanzania. In this interview, you will discover how his childhood and his life were in Tanzania. He also explains how he started making films after being an actor for a while. His dream is to make documentaries about nature and wildlife around the globe. With his films, he wants to create a better world.

Kitundu Jonathan, is showing to all of us how all difficulties can be overcome with talent and enthusiasm.

“I wish all humans leave a better world than the one they have found”, he says.

Thanks, Kitundu Jonathan, the world needs creators like you.

Power to creators worldwide. Power to you.

Kitundu Jonathan interview PART 1

Kitundu Jonathan interview PART 2

Kitundu Jonathan interview PART 3

To know more about Kitundu and his work, please follow him:

Agora: @kitundujonathan

Instagram: @kitundujonathan

Linkedin: @kitundujonathan

Youtube: Jonathan Kitundu

Now he is working on this documentary serie: