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Mohammad Hossein Moheimani @mohammadmoheimany

Featured Photojournalist from Iran

Mohammad Hossein Moheimani is an Iranian photojournalist.

  • Iranian Press Photographer of the Year2020
  • WWD award
  • Agora Hero #Women2020

Mohammad uploaded an stunning short documentary on #Documentary2021.

Sinopsis: At the same time last year, about forty thousand birds of the species of duck, changer, flamingo, etc. perished on the shores of the Caspian Sea in northern Iran, and the cause of this environmental accident was not determined. And the story was almost forgotten. But this year, this tragic event was repeated and to date, environmental workers have collected more than ten thousand birds in the Golestan and Mazandaran regions in northern Iran and have announced the cause of death botulism. The tragedy is still going on … and locals say poachers have poured poison into the water

Documentary by @mohammadmoheimani

Thank Mohammad, the world needs more creators like you.

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Instagram: mohammad.moheimany