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Jorge Bacelar @jorgebacelar

Featured Photographer

Jorge Bacelar is a photographer based in Portugal. His pictures are amazing portraits about farming communities in rural Portugal. Always with natural light. Pure art.

Jorge Bacelar won:

  • World Photographic Cup Reportage Bronze Medal 2016
  • FEP European Reportage BRONZE CAMERA 2016
  • HIPA 2016 Finalist
  • Nomination award HPA UNESCO/CFPA 2015
  • 25 times top50 on Agora Awards

In the video below, Agora Images features the work of Jorge Bacelar, where he talks about his projects involving photographing farming communities in rural Portugal.

Jorge Bacelar Photography, a video by Agora

The world needs more creators like you Jorge.

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If you want to know more, follow @jorgebacelar on Agora

Instagram: @jorge_bacelar