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Ewold Kooistra @by_ewold

Featured Filmaker on Agora

Ewold Kooistra

Cinematographer, Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller  and traveller.
Ewold Kooistra is a Dutch visual creator. He is the #Aerial2020 agora Hero and now he upload an amazing documentary made in Indonesia called “Devils Gold”.

Sinopsis: In their search for “devil´s gold”, they call it, about 300 sulfur miners make a daily climb two miles up the mountain, then head downward more than 900 yards into the volcano, where the sulfur cristals form. Most work without any protection in darkness and stifling heat, all the while breathing sulfurous gas that burns their lungs and makes tears stream from their eyes.

‘Devil’s Gold’ a documentary by @by_ewold

Thanks Ewold Kooistra for participating with your documentary. The world needs creators like you.

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