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Featured ShortFilm “All you do is shag” by @Manubueno

Sinopsis: A romantic dinner, on an ordinary day. She is sitting at the table, waiting. Finally he appears. He arrives on time. He is perfectly punctual, in fact he arrives 10 minutes early: this is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Sometimes you simply cannot stand the other’s perfectness. Sometimes, and only sometimes, good is bad and the other way around. Every little detail, every nice gesture, every delightful comment, end up ruining coexistence. Prepare yourself for a crazy-epic fight.

Manu Bueno: “It’s rare, but sometimes in life there comes a time when everything lines up, everything is going well for you, and suddenly you feel calm. And you have to be careful because you can get scared, because we are not used to everything going well for us. We need conflict.”

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